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The sacrifice command has special meaning for Clerics, plus additional role-playing usage.

You see: You glance about with murderous intent.
Others see: <Player> glances about with a murderous look in her eyes.

SACRIFICE <player>
You see: You peer at <Player>, wishing you could spill her blood right now..
Target sees: <Player> peers at you rather uncannily, as though she wants your blood.


The SACRIFICE verb allows the world to glimpse how very bloodthirsty you are.
SACRIFICE NEXUS {health|mana|fatigue|spirit|concentration}
-- Performed at a Nexus point to assist in empowering it.
-- As an explorer, you are unable to assist in empowering nexus points. You *do* benefit from a nexus, but only at the unempowered rate.
-- Check RECALL NEXUS for more information on Nexus points.
  • SACRIFICE NEXUS {health|mana|fatigue|spirit|concentration}:
You reach out, sensing the latent nexus and attempt to forge a connection with it.
Before you can register it happening, a part of you is ripped violently away, leaving you reeling!
Roundtime: 30 sec.
Note: drops your available mana/fatigue/etc. to 10% remaining
  • If you have recently completed a SACRIFICE NEXUS, the message will be:
You've recently sacrificed to empower a nexus. You should wait a while before doing so again.

Cleric Syntax

Clerics of at least 20 circles and 20 wisdom can learn the ability from Undertaker Khurek.

Animal sacrifice

Animal syntax is supported, but the sacrificial animals have not been introduced yet.

Player character sacrifice

You can sacrifice a willing person at an altar. A sacrificed character will lose all favors. You cannot resurrect a sacrificed character. The sacrificing cleric will gain a forbidden practices criminal charge as well as social outrage for the act inside justice.

  • The sacrificial character should LAY upon the altar and CONSENT CLERIC CHARACTER'S NAME.
  • Sprinkle Holy oil on your sacrificial target, then SACRIFICE them TO <dark god>.

If you attempt at a Light Aspect altar, the cleric performing the sacrifice will be drained of all devotion.

"You pause, realizing too late Saemaus's abhorrence at spilling innocent blood upon his altar!"

At a Dark Aspect altar: (Harawep example)

You prostrate yourself before a carved bloodwood altar accented with silver and onyx and rattle off praises to the dark gods. Standing up, you raise a wide-bladed dagger above XXXX's supine body and pause. You proclaim, "I, the holy servant, sacrifice this Elothean to the eternal glory of Harawep! May her paltry soul be found worthy!"
You swiftly slam your wide-bladed dagger downward to plunge it deeply into XXXX's heart.
*XXXX is slain before your eyes!
Leaning over, you subtly chant words of theurgy so that the departing spirit will unwittingly serve the Widowmaker's ends long after this death.
Several black-robed acolytes hurry in, remove the carcass, then meticulously wipe the XXXX altar clean. Once they are done, they exit backwards with humble postures, just as quietly as they came.

Combat pve sacrifice

You may use SACRIFICE in lieu of ATTACK in combat on living targets. Be sure that you will be able to land the killing blow after proclaiming a death for your deity in such manner. Failure to make the sacrificial blow a killing blow will result in a devotional hit. There is no timer for devotion gain using combat sacrifice.

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