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You glance about with murderous intent.

The SACRIFICE verb allows the world to glimpse how very bloodthirsty you are.
SACRIFICE NEXUS {health|mana|fatigue|spirit|concentration}
-- Performed at a Nexus point to assist in empowering it.
-- Check RECALL NEXUS for more information on Nexus points.
  • SACRIFICE NEXUS {health|mana|fatigue|spirit|concentration}:
You reach out, sensing the latent nexus and attempt to forge a connection with it.
Before you can register it happening, a part of you is ripped violently away, leaving you reeling!
Roundtime: 30 sec.
Note: drops your available mana/fatigue/etc. to 10% remaining
  • If you have recently completed a SACRIFICE NEXUS, the message will be:
You've recently sacrificed to empower a nexus. You should wait a while before doing so again.

Cleric Syntax

Clerics of at least 20 circles and 20 wisdom can learn the ability from Undertaker Khurek.

  • Animal sacrifice
Animal is supported, but the sacrificial animals have not been introduced yet.
  • Person sacrifice
You can sacrifice a willing person at an altar. Sprinkle Holy oil on your target, then SACRIFICE them TO <dark god>.
If you attempt at a Light Aspect altar, the cleric performing the sacrifice will be drained of all devotion, not sure how it works when it comes to using a Neutral altar.
"You pause, realizing too late Saemaus's abhorrence at spilling innocent blood upon his altar!"
  • Combat sacrifice
Alternately, you may use SACRIFICE in lieu of ATTACK in combat. Be sure that you will be able to land the killing blow after proclaiming a death for your deity in such manner.

There is no timer for devotion gain using sacrifice.