Tamsine's commune

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Cleric thumb.jpgCleric Guild
Tamsine's commune
Requirements: ​2nd Circle, Quest
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: commune / theurgy
Description: Tamsine's power fills the Cleric with holy fire, giving a TM bonus vs. undead.
Effect: +Targeted Magic skill, vs. undead only
Messaging: Start: You feel warmth spread throughout your body, making the very ends of your hair tingle. A vibrant blue nimbus encloses you before fading away.

End: The vibrant blue nimbus of Tamsine's blessing fades from around you.


  • Duration: ?
  • Usage:
SPRINKLE Holy water on <self> or <person>
  • For returning cleric players: Clerics who did their commune quests before DR 3.0 will need to repeat the quests for Tamsine, Eluned I, and Meraud before they can be used.