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Clerics, aside from being holy scholars and servants of the Immortals, are also masters of the magical arts. The ability to harness mana is a focal point of their training regimen, and is manifested prominently in the spells they employ. Through this training, they have honed the ability to infuse harnessed mana into the active patterns of cyclic spell patterns. This offers greater control over these typically passive enchantments, allowing more predictable effects. It also serves as a suitable way to feed extremely large spell patterns such as that required to invoke a Resurrection.

This ability is learned at the end of a perilous quest available at circle 25 with at least 125 Attunement skill. A walkthrough for the quest, with spoilers, is available here.

Practices of harness infusion

The art of Mana Infusion consists of the harnessing of mana into streams around you, and then attempting to force that mana into the active pattern of a receptive spell.

If the spell is receptive and you are successful, the mana that is infused into a pattern may cause it to react immediately. Many cyclic patterns can become more subject to your fancy with this technique, conferring their benefits when you choose, rather than be subjected to the arcane whims of the mana streams.

Mana infusion also allows the creation of very large spell patterns that require massive amounts of mana to mature - more than one can hope to channel with a simple casting, and certainly more mana than one can hope to keep harnessed at any given time. Some patterns, or even complex matrices, may require that a spell be cast to invoke the blueprint for its future effect, and then great amounts of mana must be infused to fill in the holes and bring the spell to true maturity.

Infusion is much like casting a simple spell pattern all over again. Your abilities will be tested in the process of funneling mana into patterns. It is more difficult to successfully push mana into more complex patterns and matrices. As with casting any spell, attempting to push in more mana than you are able will result in the mana backfiring and the spell pattern collapsing under its own unpowered weight. In certain cases, with certain complex spell patterns, even more dire effects of this backlash have been documented.

With sufficient Attunement skill, spells may be infused without harnessing mana first. Using Persistence of Mana along with high devotion, a cleric can begin to infuse spells without harnessing mana at 600+ total Attunement with buffs. I started infusing directly with 511 skill with a 101 skill boost from POM. At 600 Attunement it is no longer necessary to have Persistence of Mana active to skip the mana harnessing step. This does add a slight amount of difficulty. At 1400 attunement I was able to infuse 5 mana more into a spell by harnessing first.

Receptive spells

Infusing this spell triggers a pulse.
Hydra Hex
Infusing this spell triggers a pulse that will affect all in the area.
Osrel Meraud
Infusing this spell refills the orb.
INFUSE MEMORY <AMOUNT OF SPIRIT> while dead allows a fallen cleric to preserve their own memories using their spirit.
This spell relies on infused mana to function normally.
Sanyu Lyba
Infusing this spell withdraws the spirit creature from the target it's haunting..
Shield of Light
Infusing this spell is only possible with certain relics.



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