Lanky grey lach

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Lanky Grey Lach
Unknown creature.jpg
Creature Levels:
    Overall 48
    Natural Attack 47
    Weapon Attack 49
    Defense 47
    Player Estimated -
Skill Cap 210 to 316
Skinnable Yes
Has Coins Yes
Has Gems Yes
Has Boxes Yes
Alignment Undead
Corporeal Yes
Construct No
Casts Spells No
Attack Range Melee
Stealthy Yes
Special Attacks Yes
Special Defenses No
Body Type biped
Skinning Details
Part Name thick grey lach claw
Part Weight 4
Ranks Required 140
Max Value Unknown
Max Arranged 401
401 Kronars
320.8 Lirums
289.362 Dokoras
0.401 LTBpoints
0.401 Tickets

The Lanky Grey Lach resides in the hallways leading up to Maelshyve's Descent, an area that is part of the Cleric Infusion quest.


The grey lach is a tall, lanky beast that would look almost human if not for the sickly, dull grey skin stretching over its twisted and knobby bones. There is a definite methodical grace about the creature's movements, sinuously reptilian in nature despite its hideously wretched and awkward appearance. Abyssal eyes, as blank and dark as the starless midnight skies, are sunken deeply within its expressionless face, as if the creature somehow stands before you in body but not soul.

Anatomy Chart

Even on paper, the lach's eyes seem blank and dark, void of any expression the artist may have otherwise sketched. Grey skin thinly covers its knobby bones, making the creature almost skeletal in appearance. Its sickly hue is uniform, the body as devoid of feeling as its eyes. A small notation near the bottom of the page cautions against getting too near the cursed lanky grey lach.

In Depth

Special Attack

Lachs often advance in hiding, and perform an Ambush Stun -- Need about 150 Perception to see them advance.

At 195 locksmithing, no boxes blown while using disarm careful.
Can rarely get a claw at 150 skinning.


It carries some combination of the following 3 items.

Misc Info

8/22/14: -With Agil 36/Refl 36/Disc 50, 317 Locksmithing, get "simple matter" and "should not take long" messaging

11/26/2020: -With 210 in Evasion and Shield + 45 in Reflex, these seemed comfortable to hunt for this spelled-up cleric. 200 in skills and 40 in reflex wasn't enough. I'm going to bump up the minimum skill as 190 is just misleading, and probably based on the bare minimum to complete the cleric quest here.

Shield hardcaps at 305 (5/29/2019)


Upon being rendered unconscious from a near-death strike, the lach will drag your body to a prison cell and shut you inside where you will likely bleed to death and die before waking. Upon dying, the prison cell will be open and you can retrieve your items. Departing here will take you to the Altar of the Flesh in the Abyssal Descent.


- Using guardian spirit TM stopped learning at 369 ranks.

- Defending, Armor, and Debilitation hit soft caps at 300 ranks.

- Skinning still moving at 276.

Area Details

To get to the Lanky Grey Lach area is complicated. One must first SEARCH for a path off the main road, travel through a maze-like cemetery, find a route to the church (by climbing a tree and PEERing at the church) to find the correct path, and solve a puzzle within the mausoleum based on religious iconography.

There is a shortcut in the church for those who can cast the Resurrection spell.

The western Hierophant's Chamber is a safe room.