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OOC Information

The information below is taken Out of Character (OOC) for reference. Some of this gives away core details of Rhoran's background and should not be used In-character unless Rhoran has explicitly shared it.

1: What God(s)/Goddess(s), if any, does your character worship, how do they worship, and why?

  • Rhoran pays respects to the Thirteen of Kermoria, but his worship and devotion is to the Old Gods of Albaria.
    • Of the Thirteen he has gained considerable favor with Urrem'tier
    • While he serves the Old Gods as a Pantheon, his devotion focuses primarily on Orisas and the God-Emperor Xin'Alaudas.
    • Rhoran is not outwardly a fanatic or even stringent devotee. He believes his actions and core beliefs speak louder than fanaticism could.

2: How does your character feel about death?

  • Rhoran holds no fear of death, but also does not seek it out. He believes, with no doubts, that he has a place within the Kaneija upon his true and final death.
    • Somewhat heretically he also believes that after the Ilaehl the Army of the Dead lead by Orisas will crossover and be granted the peace of walking the Starry Road.

3: Does your character have any fears? Any secret fears or would they share this feeling with friends?

  • As with many young men, Rhoran fears disappointing his elders - namely his Father and his Uncle. However, due to time and separation that fear has mostly fallen away.
  • His more tangible fear is a general fear of those beings and creatures able to directly threaten his soul.

4: Does your character feel love? How would they express this?

  • Yes, and in the same way any awkward, overly academic 19-year-old would... Very poorly.

5: Does your character feel hate? How would they express that?

  • Rhoran is certainly capable of the feeling, but rarely has he been driven to truly hate something/someone.

6: Who are the important people in your characters life? Why?

  • Aside from his family, the next most important person is his teacher, Teryn Creadmont the Gnome Empath.

7: Does your character have any material possessions that they cherish? Why?

8: Why does your character belong to the guild they are a part of?

  • Rhoran's path into the life of a Cleric was originally chosen for him and he never truly questioned it until years later, but by then he was happy with the life.

9: Does your character respect his/her guildleader? Why or why not?

  • He respects all the Guild Leaders he has met so far. He understands the deep commitment they must live by to achieve their status and that is worthy of respect. That doesn't mean he cares for them on a personal level, but he does respect them.

10: Does your character dream when they sleep? What about?

  • Yes. The same things any 19-year-old does, but also occasionally whatever the Gods want him to dream about.

11: Does your character have any secrets that _no one_ would know about?

  • Not currently. His youth and a certain naive openness and honestly have prevented him from keeping any true secrets.
  • The secret he does have but is known to his teacher Teryn and family, is that he is not Kaldar - he is Gorbesh.

12: Does your character have an ambition or goal in life? If so, what is it?

  • Recent visions have rekindled a love of history and uncovering mysteries lost to time. His new ambition is to seek out and find lost Shrines, Temples, and other holy places.

13: Does your character drink alcohol? If so, how does it affect them? Do they know when to stop?

  • Rhoran isn't a heavy drinker though he does appreciate a good drink and has a taste for mead.

14: Is your character a leader, or a follower?

  • This changes by the situation. Rhoran has no problem stepping up and leading if he feels the situation calls for it. However, he also knows when it is best to let someone else lead.

15: What is your character's favorite food/drink? Why?

  • He is a sucker for good seafood, but especially shellfish of any kind. As a child he lived too far inland to get seafood fresh. After moving to Crossing he developed a love for it.

16: What is your character's fondest childhood memory?

  • The birth of his younger sister.

17: What would your character forget forever if they could?

  • Rhoran hasn't encountered anything yet in life that he would wish to forget forever. He has had moments he could do without recalling, but he still does not want them gone because of their connection to memories he would not want to forget.

18: What makes your character laugh?

  • Many things. Rhoran likes to think he has a good sense of humor. Admittedly, some jokes go over his head due to his semi-sheltered upbringing.

19: What makes your character cry?

  • Again, many things. He is especially a sucker for tender family moments when he sees them. As any 19-year-old, however, he will deny crying no matter the evidence contradicting him.

20: What is your character's favorite season/color/song/town/place in all the world?

  • He equally enjoys fall and spring. He's not a fan of summer due to the heat, and winter is just a season one endures in his opinion.
  • Rhoran tends toward more earthen colors, but also favors black purely for the utility of not needing to wash clothes of that color as much.
  • He enjoys traveling through the mountains of the world but isn't so fond of some of their inhabitants.

21: Does your character have a positive body image?

  • No. Rhoran has a well-defined build but has never really stopped to think of his "body image".

22: Can your character carry a tune?

  • He's no Bard, but he is adept at performing.

23: Does your character have any permanent physical deformities?

  • He does have one small scar one the base of his left foot from an incident running barefoot when he was a child.

24: Does your character bathe often?

  • As regularly as he can. His routine involves a fair bit of physical activity and he's not fond of smelling like stale sweat.

25: Does your character like to dance?

  • No. He's a 19-year-old that has spent most of his time in libraries or training yards. The prospect of dancing scares him more than the Undead, Gods and Death all together.

26: Does your character have manners?

  • Yes, but let's be honest... he's nineteen. Manners don't always get used even if he has them.

27: Can your character read or write?

  • Yes, exceptionally well.

28: Does your character ever get sick? Are they whiney when they are ill or do they just deal with it?

  • Sure. He usually deals and moves on the best he can. The exception is a sore throat... then he's all kinds of whiney.

29: Does your character have principles and ethics? What, if anything, would make your character abandon those principles? Is there a certain price your character could be paid that would allow them to abandon friends or loved ones?

  • Rhoran has principles and ethics... core values if you will. Given the wide-ranging values of the Gods (of all pantheons) he has adopted a very "live and let live but stab blatant evil" policy in most cases.
  • He would only abandon those under direct instruction from the Gods, and even then, the circumstances would need to be dire.

30: Is there anything else about your character that [the GMs] should know?

  • Rhoran is a sucker for a mystery - especially one related to lost knowledge regarding the gods (any gods), shrines, temples, or other holy places.
  • He is also blatantly a hypocrite when it comes to the line between "Archaeologist" and "Grave Robber". His definition is based purely on whether he is the one doing the finding or not.