Fangs of Ushnish (wasteland)

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The Fangs of Ushnish is the name given to a lava-strewn area behind the Temple of Ushnish in the Gate of Souls. Because lava is actively flowing in the area the directions a person can move in are always changing. The Fangs of Ushnish contains Atik'et, Muscular Firecats, and Supple Firecats.

Each spot in the Fangs of Ushnish appears exactly the same:

[The Fangs of Ushnish, Lava Field]
Jagged shards of obsidian thrust up from the parched earth at odd angles, formed by the shifting lava flows. Faint hints of olivine streak the glassy surface. The sharp edges and poisonous green color give rise to the local name for this area, the Fangs of Ushnish. As lava cools, it hardens, only to break out again in another location. The path through the field is never constant as nature's wrath, or that of the god, makes itself known in molten rock.

Map of the area: Gate of Souls (14a)