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Daerlynn Soulmyste
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime


Daerlynn has jade eyes, her blue-black hair is shoulder length and curly, worn in a simple, pulled-back style, and she has a petite, lissome figure.

She has an affinity for colorful gyspy attire, wearing a vibrant gypsy skirt cut up high on one hip, a daringly low cut blouse, a hip chain, toe bells, jewelry and beads.



Stories of Daerlynn's background - https://elanthipedia.play.net/Daerlynn/backstory

Daerlynn was raised in an orphanage run by Priestesses of Albreda. Showing an affinity for music and storytelling by age 13 she was teaching music to the younger children at the orphanage. Discovered by a wandering minstrel named Alexander, when she became of age she was apprenticed to him as a Minstrel, and they traveled the roads of many realms, singing and putting on shows. After he was killed in a bandit raid, Daerlynn made her way to Elanthia and joined the Bard guild there.

Although she struggles at times with the combat requirements of the guild, she is a true devotee to the guild. She loves to entertain, telling stories and singing songs anywhere and everywhere. She also believes in passing along the history of the realms, and in helping the Empaths, Midwives and Healers as much as she can with her healing music.

Daerlynn's greatest love however has always just been entertaining, and even more, encouraging others to entertain if they so wanted to. To this end, she began a series of concerts at the Arthe Dale Inn which was designed to give a stage to any adventurer that wished to perform. The first Arthe Dale concert was given by Dreamheart in the 6th month of Arhat the Fire Lion in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare, 363 years, 201 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

The Arthe Dale concert series was a great success, with over 100 concerts and lasting many years, and hopefully meeting its purpose in encouraging the performing arts in Elanthia. Daerlynn was also an early member of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order, eventually becoming Vice Speaker of the Order.

Daerlynn was also part of The Bawdy Balladeers, made up of three members of the Troupe, and was founder of the Theren Theater Players.

Her greatest honor was when Baron Gyfford of Therengia traveled to Arthe Dale on a night where Daerlynn was performing at the Inn, and offered her the position of Court Bard of Therengia. She was the first to ever hold this position. The Baron also publicly informed her of the soon to be built Theren Theater, and expected her to use it well. To this day, Daerlynn has a special spot in her heart for the theater in Theren.

While Court Bard in Theren, Daerlynn continued to run her Arthe Dale concerts. At the same time, she founded the Theren Theater Players and, because of the amount of work involved, she took on her first and only apprentice - one with a ton of talent, a willing heart and an affinity for plays - Chabelle! Chabelle hit the ground running and made the Theren Theater and Players a success, instituting a regular series of wonderful plays.

After many years, Daerlynn was worn out, and decided to take a leave of absence from Elanthia to travel other lands. This absence lasted more years than she expected, but she has once again returned to Elanthia, and once again in the role she loves most, a simple Minstrel singing and performing where ever someone wants a song or a story.

In 438 she returned to Arthe Dale once more. Arthe Dale now had a theater, and after discussions with the Tavern Troupe and others, she founded The Arthe Repertory Team (TART), a repertory group whose objective is to provide plays and shows at the Arthe Dale theater, and other theaters of the realms, if they are invited there.


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