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Nithhogr Synok
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Empath
Instance Prime


Leech Farmer Nithhogr Synok, Council Leader of the Order of the Dragon Shield, an Elothean.

He has tilted almond-shaped crystal blue eyes, straight shoulder length grey hair that is worn tied back, a long narrow mustache that droops to either side of his mouth on his upper lip, a long thin beard and fair skin. His right palm has a tattoo of a triskelion formed by a coyote, a donkey and a ram.

He was born on the 7th day of the 9th month of Dolefaren the Brigantine in the year of the Bronze Wyvern, 372.

He is wielding a darkened steel scythe affixed to a twisted cambrinth haft.

His is clad in a lumium mail lorica, some light lumium plate gauntlets, a light lumium plate mask, a padded heavy burlap hood with fitted seams, some metal scale vambraces, some stained leather greaves embedded with rat teeth, a heavy animite shackle engraved with intricate knotwork and a round sipar etched with a leech-wrapped hand reaching out from a pool of water.

He is wearing a folding chair of plain elm slats, an angiswaerd-scale scholar's journal embossed with golden geometrics, a worn grey hitman's backpack with fraying straps, some braided metallic twine, a scuffed leather traveler's haversack, a foraging apron crafted from supple oiled leather, a blazing blue dragon with opalescent eyes, a deep blue silk robe embroidered with silver constellations, a gold shield-shaped badge engraved with "My avenger can beat up your avenger!", a pewter tankard adorned with a golden shield, and some yeehar leather jousting boots adorned with polished platinum spurs.

Background & Status

Former Scribe and former Council Leader of the Order of the Dragon Shield, Surgeon and Leech Farmer for House Giraud, member of the House of the Gilded Longleaf, Nithhogr makes his home in Therengia. With a house near Riverhaven, much of his time is spent in the wilds north of town or hunting on the other side of the lake.


Original: a triangular sipar stamped with the emblem of Saint Aesetani in gold
Alteration: a round sipar etched with a leech-wrapped hand reaching out from a pool of water

The crest of a hand grasping a bundle of herbs and thrusting upwards from a pool of water is etched into the sipar's polished steel surface. Two well-fed leeches attach to either side of the wrist, their bodies spiraling down the arm towards an unseen elbow concealed beneath the water. A small trickle of blood escapes the mouth of each leech, dribbling down to meet the body of the other and following it as it descends the forearm. A steel clasp on the back of the shield allows it to be worn.

Alterer: Poga, Hollow Eve Festival 428