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Ndin Yehr'Lihf
Status Active
Race Elothean
Gender Male
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime
Relatives Kakco, Bekril, Svendor, Vaggello


You are Master of War Ndin Yehr'Lihf, Legendary Warrior Mage, an Elothean Warrior Mage.
You have tilted almond-shaped silver eyes. Your black hair is long and wavy, and is worn arranged in a mohawk. You have tanned skin.
You are in your prime.
You have a long narrow mustache that droops to either side of the mouth on your upper lip and a long thin beard.
You have a tattoo of a grinning demon peering down sardonically at a group of hapless warriors on your chest.

You have faint scuffing to the right arm, minor swelling and bruising around the left arm compounded by cuts and bruises about the left arm, faint scuffing to the right leg, tiny scratches to the chest, tiny scratches to the abdomen.

You are holding a black shadowsilk cloak in your right hand.
You are wearing a carved pick of ivory marked with several runes, a steel sallet, some thick amber-scale sleeves with fitted seams, some steel scale greaves, a steel ring lorica, an ordinary gargoyle-hide shield, a blue gem pouch, a lelori battle bow with laminated limbs, a light hickory battle crossbow, some winged ocher leather boots, an origami-paper envelope, a wide cambrinth armband, a sturdy blackened iron band stamped with a crest, a copper-alloy lockpick ring, a lumpy bundle, a kyanite gwethdesuan, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a heavy bourde haversack, a claymore sheath, an electrum-hilted skinning knife displaying the Warrior Mage Guild crest and a hand-stitched traveler's pack.

Stats & Skills
Circle 125
Strength 70 Agility 70 Intelligence 70 Wisdom 70
Stamina 60 Reflex 70 Discipline 70 Charisma 45
Shield Usage 569 Light Armor 534 Chain Armor 541 Brigandine 558
Plate Armor 551 Defending 580
Parry Ability 580 Small Edged 549 Large Edged 330 Twohanded Edged 325
Small Blunt 325 Large Blunt 326 Twohanded Blunt 325 Slings 324
Bows 324 Crossbows 323 Staves 325 Polearms 456
Light Thrown 324 Heavy Thrown 325 Brawling 327 Offhand Weapon 327
Melee Mastery 564 Missile Mastery 385
Elemental Magic 837 Attunement 748 Arcana 667 Targeted Magic 595
Augmentation 666 Debilitation 597 Utility 575 Warding 625
Sorcery 303 Summoning 645
Evasion 582 Athletics 351 Perception 534 Stealth 368
Locksmithing 478 Thievery 316 First Aid 483 Outdoorsmanship 482
Skinning 438
Forging 366 Engineering 308 Outfitting 252 Alchemy 226
Enchanting 0 Scholarship 517 Mechanical Lore 425 Appraisal 575
Performance 314 Engineering 308