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Azkaban UiNeill
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Prime
Relatives Wodie, Zafod, Elsulose

Appearance (Full)

You see Warrior Poet Azkaban UiNeill, Legendary Bard of Therengia, an Elf
You see Court Liaison Azkaban UiNeill, Piper of the Therengia Cavalry, an Elven Bard
You see Lord of Lyrics Azkaban UiNeill, Councillor of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order, an Elven Bard

He has an angular face with elegant arched eyebrows, slightly pointed ears, silver-flecked crystal blue eyes, a straight nose and dimples.
His silver-gilt hair is very long and fine, and is worn loose. He has fair skin and an athletic build.
He is tall for an Elf.
He is an adult.
He is clean shaven.
His calf has a tattoo of Elven ivy twining upward, bearing deep green leaves covered in a thin, sparkling layer of frost.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a jadeite gwethdesuan, a small medallion strung upon a silver chain, a simple wooden medallion, a gleaming silver knight's chain, a silver ring bearing the crest of the Bard Guild, a gold neithrel band fastened with five silver chains, a deeply hooded Elven wool cloak discretely lined in black and silver plaid, a slender icesteel knife with a silk-wrapped hilt, a heavy silver wristcuff, a brushed silver armband engraved with a large jade glaysker flower, a wooden pin with a silver goat charm suspended within, an intricate Elven silver brooch set with a smooth black onyx disc, a witch ball, a black tankard-shaped badge etched with the insignia of the Tavern Troupe, a pair of arching niniam-framed wings ornamented with icesteel, a full-sleeved regulation kilt doublet with Elven silver buttoned gauntlet cuffs, an open front-laced white silk shirt, a black leather thigh quiver banded with thick dragonwood strips, a small silver-bound spellbook case engraved with the crest of the Bard Guild, a black leather herb pouch with double-stitched seams, a black lambskin sporran, a spidersilk thigh pouch embroidered with the crest of the Bards' Guild, a black leather hand-tooled highwayman's belt, an elegant spidersilk traveler's backpack, a dark leather satchel with silver-capped corners, a black spidersilk weapons harness clasped with a burnished gold star, a Bardic Spirit Knot kilt-brooch, a black and silver plaid kilt fastened by a silver and cambrinth wren pin, some ankle-high Elven stalking boots.

Appearance (Clean)

You see Azkaban UiNeill, Bard of Therengia, an Elf
You cannot make out all of his features with the clothing he is wearing.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing a silver ring bearing the crest of the Bard Guild, a deeply hooded Elven wool cloak discretely lined in black and silver plaid, a full-sleeved regulation kilt doublet with Elven silver buttoned gauntlet cuffs, an open front-laced white silk shirt, a black lambskin sporran, a black and silver plaid kilt fastened by a silver and cambrinth wren pin and some ankle-high Elven stalking boots.

Profile / Statistics

Brief History

Azkaban is possibly best described as a Celestial Elf, though his childhood was spent among the Forest Elves in and around Leth Dariel. Rescued by clergy as an infant, Azkaban knows little of his past other than his parents were travelling with a group heading North from the Dragon Spine mountains before they were set upon by a band of roving thieves. Despite living away from Ilithi for some time, Azkaban feels oddly at home in Shard and it's surrounds and travels often in an attempt to reconnect with his lost past.

Once he came of age, Azkaban was drawn to the bustle of the Crossings. Upon arriving, he was taken in by a then rag-tag bunch of Elves of many professions, calling themselves the Brothers Fae. Thankful for the support given to him, Azkaban felt a great desire to work in a role where he could serve and support others, and contribute to the rich fabric of city life. Azkaban found his sense of belonging in the then recently reformed Guild of Bards.

When the Brothers Fae migrated North in search of new challenges, Azkaban was torn. He eventually moved with his bothers to Therengia, where he pledged fealty to the Baron and joined the mounted militia, the Therengia Cavalry with his brother Wodie. In times of unrest Azkaban bolsters the brigade of Dragoons with his pipes and drums.

Nowadays, Azkaban has made his home in Therenborough, and continues in his personal quest to contribute to the fabric of Elanthia, while keeping his scimitar ever ready to defend his Guild and province, should the need arise.

Azkaban both turned 100 years old, and gained his 100th circle on 40th day of the 5th month of Uthmor the Giant in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare, 412.

For the faith, for the Fae, for the Guild of Bards, and for the Provence of Therengia.

Roles and Responsibilities

Azkaban is a former Dragoon in the Therengia Cavalry. He has previously served in the Official Positions of Court Liaison, Orders Ambassador, and Piper.
Azkaban is a founding member and former Council Member of the Tavern Troupe Performing Order. He has performed for both the Tavern Troupe and Theren Theatre Company, and has written several original works.
Azkaban is a former member of the Lorethew Mentor Society.

Current Projects

Azkaban is compiling material for a musical performance with a working title of 'Duets'. If you would like to collaborate, please let him know.


Cavalry Piper's Bagpipes
You see some bagpipes with polished ebony pipes and an embroidered blue and gold plaid bag. Ivory caps offset the polished ebony chanter and drones of the bagpipes. Blue and gold plaid covers the bag, with tassels of matching colors tastefully adorning the entire instrument. Embroidered upon the multicolored fabric is the crest of the province of Therengia. The names of the Zozindu and the Morzindaen have been etched into each of the drones in a continuous flowing script. You read Theren, Abriyit, Ananthor, Avshotin, Chancar, Dacawla, Darpam, Dekera, Dunshade, Kisarta, Kuthvaz, M'Henral, Macwe, Rethlon, Shillat, Trigomas, Vanuerin, and Weyato.


Azkaban owns a modest cottage on Chanter's Retreat on the outskirts of Therenborough. You see a cozy oak-trimmed cottage set with a silver plaque intricately engraved with the crest of the Bards' Guild.

[Azkaban's Home]
Walls of polished oak and a polished oak floor covered by a black bearskin rug enclose this small room. In one corner lies an overstuffed leather sofa, and near the sofa sits an elegant black lacquered desk with a group of well-worn songbooks and a silver-swirled ebon glass inkwell with a spun glass stopper on it. A low cast iron brazier burns along the far wall with a watercolor painting of a mounted cavalry unit hanging above it. The room holds a mild scent of dry parchment. You also see a stately traveler's trunk with thick brass bands with a polished gaethzen crow on it.


The white horse is sixteen hands high with pink skin and a pure white coat. It has a white mane and tail. It is a gelding with no other markings. The horse is wearing a blackened chainmail chanfron with silver inlay, a blackened chainmail crinnet adorned with a silver medallion, a blackened chainmail peytrel, a blackened chainmail crupper, a blackened chainmail flanchard with sturdy leather straps, a fleece-lined black leather saddle embossed with the crest of the Therengia Cavalry, a felt saddle pad trimmed with plaid binding, a blue velvet caparison embroidered in silvery thread with the crest of the Bards' Guild, and a cerulean leather bridle trimmed with silvery braid.

This horse was born wild and captured by a Ranger. It has since received the following training: leadrope, saddle, combat, war, jousting, magic, animal, kneel, beg, jumping, spin, prance.


Nelly recently turned up on my doorstep. If you're missing a kitten please let me know! Nelly is a long-haired grey kitten. Her blue-violet eyes look up from a pug-nosed face. While lacking the plush fur of the adult, her deep grey coat still shows signs of its future glory, about a thumb's length with a slight wave. Her nose and her tufted ears are pink, and her paws are tipped with white with an extra claw on each front foot.

This kitten (I assume) was born in the wild, and captured me. She has had no training whatsoever, but seems to keep the house free of mice.