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Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Barbarian
Instance Prime
Relatives Dreamheart
XixistForestwolf 565px.jpg

Relic of the Grove Xixist Forestwolf, Legendary Barbarian, a Human Barbarian.

He has a lurid green sundew clinging by glistening incarnadine tentacles to one of his ears, dark crystal eyeglass lenses shading limpid milky blue eyes and a classical nose. His silver-streaked moss-hued hair is armpit length and wavy, and is worn in a tousled arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a length of braided leech hides. He has weathered skin dripping with viscous swamp ooze and a handful of different-sized ivy leaves scattered down one side of a burly build. He is tall for a Human. An engorged carrion wasp boasting a black and yellow skull-patterned thorax floats lazily around his head, glowing with a lustrous sheen against his skin. He is ancient. He has some small inferno's heart spikes that pierce the flesh above his right eye. Each of the brilliant, fiery gems is linked to a fine animite chain that then drapes to connect to a stud at the top of his ear. He has a tattoo of an axe-wielding Barbarian clad in full bear-hide armor riding atop a battle dressed war mammoth as it tramples a horde of enemies on a decimated battlefield on his back.

He is wearing a hairless mole rat, a petrified lizard marbled in muddy shades of green along its underbelly, a troglodyte's chronicle with a moss-covered dragonwood plank cover, a steel biomechanical tarantula, a kokona reed otter holt reinforced with Ilithic applewood, a simple crown lifesculpted from sky blue elanthite, a diminutive monkey house hidden within the boughs of a leafy green bush, a little cloisonne sparrow nestled within a ribbon-twined nest of twigs, a tangle of dark green Elven ivy, a leathery pitcher plant-shaped sheath with red veining upon clear green wrapping, a sleek velvety black millipede, a creeping vela'tohr vine earcuff, a dead vela'tohr bloodvine, a chakrel teardrinker brandishing a Be'ort scission blade and a ball of scraggly swamp moss bound in tangled rope netting.

Xixist was born on the 13th day of the 1st month of Akroeg the Ram in the year of the Iron Toad, 333. He was orphaned as an infant at the hands of Dragon Priest invaders and found within a boar den by members of Wolf Clan. There he grew up on the dirt roads until he was taken in by Clan Chieftain Wolfjaw Ironbeard and shown the ways of the Barbarian. He joined the Guild in the year 350 under Agonar in Zoluren.
Xixist is known for his love of nature and the natural world. He would just as well hunt butterflys as demons.

List of pets:

  A sleek velvety black millipede
  An engorged carrion wasp boasting a black and yellow skull-patterned thorax
  A Taisidon bird of paradise
  A dark green veiled chameleon striped in shades of turquoise blue
  A hairless mole rat
  A pink-toed agouti rat wearing a fuchsia collar that reads "Not Snack" in glitter
  A jaguar-spotted kitten dappled in black rosettes upon a wispy orange coat
   A blush-colored pygmy goat
  A sable-maned snow monkey draped in luxuriously thick fur
  A ghostly white grotto tamarin
  A foul-smelling snaggletoothed warthog 
  An Ilithian river otter
  A bay horse
  A bronze Nawahl Pentathar'

Important Events

Year 350: Xixist leaves Wolf Clan and joins the Crossings Barbarian Guild.

Year 351: Xixist witnesses the destruction of the village of Sickle Grove by an eruption of the Greater Fist volcano.

Year 352: Xixist witnesses the destruction of Arhat's Tower by the Warrior Mage Mibgluc.

Year 354: Xixist defends Zoluren from the Gorbesh until the city falls to the Albarian assailants. He continues his defiance in rogue style until the enemy leaves the lands. After the war he spends much time rebuilding the destroyed temple.

Year 356: Xixist defends The Crossings from L'Karm incursions.

Year 357: Xixist welcomes in the refugees of Prydaen, Gnome, Rakash, and Kaldar.

Year 358: Xixist visits the risin merlew isle of Andreshlew. Near the end of the festivities, Red Sash pirates bring bloodshed to the peaceful isle. Xixist joins the Zoluren Expeditionary Force.

Year 359: The necromancer Lord Sorrow, in his greed to aquire a book, brings war to Zoluren. Elpalzi battles last days and devestate the population. Working alone, but alongside the newly formed militia, Xixist aids in defending the Crossings many times during the years of fighting.

Year 360: Prince of Zoluren, Belirendrik III is assasinated and Prince Vorclaf fled into hiding. Xixist witnesses the arrival of Sirolarn, the cousin of Vorclaf, who takes the throne as regent.

Year 361: Xixist attends the coronation of Prince Sirolarn at the Ice festival. He recieves his master crafting mark depicting a slender, sleepy-eyed salamander writhing about the inscription, "X marks the spot."

Year 363: Xixist fights Lord Sorrow's elite troops alongside Magdar and Kahidzuks in defence of Stone Clan. The gates of the clan are tore assunder. Xixist witnesses Sorrow retrieve the book from our fallen position within the clan and dissapear. For his valor in defending the clan, Xixist is granted the honor of acceptance into the Stone Clan Militia. One of the few non-dwarfs to ever recieve such status in the clan. Xixist is present and witnesses the arrival of the true Prince Vorclaf who beheads his treasonous necro cousin,Sirolarn, and mounts his head on the east gate of crossing where it sits untouched for over a year. Xixist investigates the Standing Stones immediatly following the annialation of Lord Sorrow and Prayk.

Year 364: Xixist investivates the wreckage of the Seerah cast to the rocks of Ratha by a hurricane.

Year 368: The lands become void of mana for many months to Xixist's delight.

Year 374: Prince Vorclaf re-enstates the militias and chooses Xixist to be a Commander. Xixist creates the Zoluren Dragoons with Cyiarriah, Elriic, and Faragin as Liutenants.

Year 375: Xixist attends the coronation of Baron Gyfford. The Outcast army marches through the province with little effort to take Shard, leaving behind a battered Zoluren. Xixist and his militia unit continue assaulting the entrenched enemy for four years.

Year 376: Xixist's Dragoons engage the ogre Naarg and his forces.

Year 377: Xixist hands Command of the Dragoons to Cyiarriah and forms the Ulf Hara Fist with Faragan as Liutenant assigned as Keep defence. Naargs forces continue to assault the militia.

Year 379: Xixist leads a vast war party to Shard to rescue the kidnapped body of Prince Vorclaf from the Outcasts, breaking their ranks and retreating them back to Muspar'i.

Year 380: Xixist attends the Shard festival celebrating the city's freedom. Xixist marries Lady Dreamheart, Court Bardess of Zoluren, in a royal wedding with Prince Vorclaf present.

Year 382: The merlew isle of Andreshlew rises unexpectedly and Xixist attends the second Feast of Elund festival. Prince Vorclaf marries Princess Arilana at the island festival.

Year 384: Xixist takes up arms against the Dragon Priests. Xixist explores the newly accesable Forfedhdar province.

Year 388: Joins Tallis's holy war against the Dragon Priests. Xixist was present during General Zukir's capture of Kalag and was hunted for his participation that led to the guildleader's death, only to return years later.

Year 389: Xixist attended the Jeolandu Festival in Langinfirth.

Year 390: Lady Dreamheart is lost in a storm and presumed dead.

Year 391: Xixist attended a celebration of the birth of the royal twins, Inavia and Belrendrik IV.

Year 392: Due to long-standing peace, Xixist retired and the Fist was dissolved as were the other units shortly after. Xixist attended the Festival of the Gods.

Year 394: Xixist battles in rogue assaults against the forces of Lyras.

Year 395: Xixist is lost at sea becoming marooned on an deserted island for the next five years.

Year 400: Xixist is rescued by a Qi fishing boat and returns to Zoluren.

Year 407: Court Bard Emeritus Dreamheart, thought long dead, returns home to Zoluren. Xixist, creates the private Zoluren militia named The Vela'tohr in defence against the Xala'shar.

Year 408: The Xala'shar left abruptly after a severe Asketi ride and the short lived peace was broken by Alret and his rougue band of Elpalzi warriors. The Vela'thor grow in size and are accepted by the Ulf Hara Keep as the private militia that they are.

Year 409: Martee walks the starry road. The Vela'tohr dwindle and fold.

Year 410: General Grigoire is established as Zoluren Military Advisor. Ulf'Hara Keep is destroyed by Elpalzi killing Yallance, Lindryl, Zoranyl, Kaovales, Keirnen, Renshuel, Sybina, and Jonas the gatekeeper. Also killed were Molphant, Raellia, Grishok, and Midjure from the dungeon.

Year 420:Xixist forms up the militia, The Grovers, a loose-knit dutyless militia in responce to an orc threat.

Year 431: Lady Dreamheart again returns to the Crossings after being away a long time.

Year 432: The Hallows festival spider falls destroyed.

Year 433: Klurn walks the Starry Road.

Year 442: Xixist walks the Starry Road.

Xixist's Memorial Service

Memorial Service Log