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Mistanna Redivas
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime

Current Status

Mentor Mentor General Slacker


Stargazer Mistanna Redivas has wolfish golden eyes that are framed by feathered coal-black lashes, made further piercing by the pale tone of her skin. Her ears are slightly pointed at the tips and have several piercings going up the lobes, and she adorns additional piercings in her eyebrow and nostril. She wears a gypsy kerchief in her hair, though a few curling dove-white locks still tend to slip free to frame her face. Her hair would fall past her hips in snowy waves and curls, but is normally tied back or up as well.

Her wardrobe primarily consists of whites, blues and golds in playful layers. Her blouse cut just low enough for a peek of the bandeau underneath, and cinched up beneath a sturdy leather corset. A scalloped hip-chain dangles charms and bells over the clinging scarves that make up a handkerchief hemmed, knee-length skirt with tightly cross-laced travelling boots upon her feet. She wears a warm ivory wool cloak that her family had made for her that has colorful gypsy knotwork beaded brightly to border the hems. Otherwise she is adorned with an ever-shifting plethora of jewelry.


377 - Birthed to a dark-skinned human Mother, and a pale-skin and white-furred Rakash Father; goat herders and hunters of a gypsy tribe from far west, beyond the ruins of Journalai.
393 - Arrived in Kermoria escorted by paladins Kirdaorb and Kyrberus in safety after Lyras’ barrier had broken.
402 - Banned from Therengia after a coup to free Lady Valkri from a hostage situation with the Arkarm Crime Family failed miserably.
407 - Joined with the Ilithi Court to work as one of the many scribes in the Tower.
408 - Left the service of the Tower when the Ilithi Court was dissolved, however continuing work as a wandering scribe.
409 - Drafted as a soldier into the service of the Crystal Vanguard, Militia of Ilithi.
411 - Pardoned in Therengia along with several others in a generous gesture by Baron Gyfford as a wedding present to his bride-to-be.
413 - Promoted to a Corporal Officer within the Crystal Vanguard, Militia of Ilithi.
415 - Promoted to a Sergeant Officer within the Crystal Vanguard, Militia of Ilithi.
415 - Joined the Lorethew Mentor Society
421 - Retired from the Crystal Vanguard, disbanded due to peaceful times in Ilithi.