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Status: Dead
Guild: Trader
Race: Kaldar
Gender: Male
Type: alterer, merchant
Associates: Hlee

This merchant has been retired. Rebecho walked the Starry Road during the closing moments of Hollow Eve 432.

Owned the Ties for Things shop, introduced to Guildfest 416 in 2015. Rebecho was the first merchant to sell and alter tie items.


You see Rebecho, a Kaldar.
Rebecho has a square-jawed face, silver-flecked gold eyes, a straight nose and a cleft chin. His golden hair is short and curly, and is worn in a careless, windblown arrangement. He has tanned skin and an emaciated build.
He is average height for a Kaldar.
He appears to be an adult.
He has a scruffy growth of stubble on his upper lip and a long shaggy beard.
He is in good shape.

He is wearing an elaborate gold earring suspending a large Musparan gold sapphire, a round gold nose ring, a roll of leather straps, a tight-fitting goldweave shirt with intricate golden cufflinks, a twisted gold ring set with a large golden nugget, a small work bag heavy with gold discs, some sleek golden leather pants and a pair of gold-stained leather boots with cloth-of-gold laces.


Service Limit Per Alteration Price Premium Discount (Must Ask For)
Starter Pack 1 20 Platinum None
One Extra Tie 1 10 Platinum 5 Platinum
Clear LOOK N/A Free N/A
One Noun Adjustment 5 10 Platinum 5 Platinum
TURN Upgrade 1 500 Platinum 250 Platinum
Remove Adjustment Unlimited 5 Platinum None
  • Note: If purchasing a starter pack and 5 adjustments, you may walk away with 8 total adjustments in one session.
Standard Definitions
  • Starter Pack: Includes 1 tie and 3 nouns of your choosing. [See rules below for limitations on this service.]
  • Adjustment: An allowed noun, meaning a noun that can be tied to your tie-item.
  • Ties: The number of ties controls how many items can be tied to your tie-item at any given time.

TURN Upgrades

Upgrade Level Slots Unlocked
1 On the belt.
2 Slung over the shoulder.
3 General.


  • Starter packs may only be added to a non-verbed item. (IE no script)
Exceptions: hitman's backpack (or similar, e.g. wyvern hunting pack) NOTE: YOU WILL LOSE ALL VERBS FROM IT AFTER ALTERATION.
  • Nouns (adjustments) requested must be one word only.
  • Hard limit on noun adjustments is 20 per item. See per-session limits in #Services above.
  • Hard limit of 10 ties per item.

Restricted nouns

  • Any stacking item such as "quadrello", "pulzone", "arrow", "bolt", "stone", "blade" (stackable) or any other ammunition/stacking type item. These items DO NOT WORK with this script.
    Items that are considered stackers are automatically blocked. Because you cannot use the items while tied, this can be particularly borky.
  • "bundle" (because of bundling mechanics, this will only result in you tying your bundle.)
  • "Pouch"es are now OK to add, but mechanics will block gem pouches, harvest pouches, and stackable herb pouches.
  • "logbook" makes use of the verb UNTIE, so they cannot be removed from the belts.
  • Bonded items can be tied, but they can not be INVOKEd.


  • DR Platinium & DR Fallen discounts: Half of costs above.
  • Premium discounts (MUST ASK TO RECEIVE. NO REFUNDS.) listed above.


Q - What is a tie item?
A - An item that allows you to tie other items to it. Mechanics restrict the nouns allowed AND the number of items that can be tied. Adjustments modify allowed nouns. Ties modify how many total items can be tied at one time. All ties accept all allowed nouns.
Q - Possible to add non standard nouns like skefne?
A - Yes. ANY noun is OK. Rebecho has the right to refuse any particular one if there may be a problem with it.
Q - Can I add ties to my halberd/spear/other item with a weapon strap on it?
A - No. This script likely will not work well with the TIE/UNTIE needed for weapon strap targeting.
Q - Can I add ties to a weapon?
A - No. This would cause issues with REPAIR, bond mechanics, registration mechanics, and a few other things.
Q - Will tied items be seen in the TAP?
A - No.
Q - How do I...
A - STUDY it. STUDY will show you what nouns are allows, how many total items you can tie, how many items are tied to it, and the verbs to use it.
Q - I'm adding nouns to an item from the shop and the LOOK currently says something about some of the nouns, but not all, can you change that?
A - At most, Rebecho will CLEAR the LOOK on an alteration, he will not give you a new LOOK. This is a free service if asked for.
Q - Can other alterers work on these items to alter the TAP/LOOK/READ?
A - Yes; however, do not expect other alterers to adjust the mechanics of the tie-item for you.
Q - I acted like a total butthead and then asked for a Premium discount. Do I get it?
A - Rebecho reserves the right to refuse service, refuse discount for rude customers, and/or reverse an alteration and send you away.
Q - I wasn't ready, can I get a voucher?
A - Rebecho does not give vouchers during or for sessions. Vouchers for Rebecho may only be acquired via Vatari Games, Raffles, or Auctions. All voucher work is to be considered free of charge.
Vouchers MUST be redeemed by the void date via or No exceptions.
Q - Can I use items while they are tied to a tie-item? IE - toolbelt holds crafting tools and you want to use the hammer.
A - No. This is mostly because most items require you to be HOLDING them to use them. This will not change in the future.
Q - Can a hider become a tie-item?
A - No. Two different scripts. You would lose your hider mechanics.
Q - Do the ties wear out over time like the rucksacks sold in the 24/7 shop?
A - The ties do not wear out, tear, rip, or otherwise become damaged, ever.
Q - Can I add a container-type noun and if so, does it have to be empty to be tied?
A - Yes, as long as it is not a restricted noun such as "pouch" or "bag". The noun being added must be one smaller than the container itself. It does not need to be empty, but you will not be able to access the item until it is untied from your tie-item.
Q - Can I put cambrinth items on a tie and use them?
A - They can be tied but to be used they must be removed, charged, and invoked. They can be used and invoked prior to being tied and should snap and add mana when you cast. They will not work as "charged worn" even with the appropriate amount of skill.
Q - Can I add ties to a cambrinth bag or item?
A - Yes, and it will still function as a cambrinth item.
Q - My tie item said it detected an error, but it fixed it. Is it ok? Is something broken? What happened?
A - This is normal. Sometimes, it may lose count of what's on it and what is allowed. It has self-fixing mechanics so that you can play more and assist less.
Q - If I pay Rebecho 1500 platinum, can I get all the TURN upgrades?
A - No. One TURN upgrade per alteration session is the limit.
Q - If an item is already in the "slung over the shoulder" slot, does it still need the second turn upgrade in order to get the third?
A - yes, and I find another appropriate worn-slot to give you
Q - if an item, such as an instrument, needs to be protected from the elements can it be damaged while tied?
A - Items that are tied are effectively ON a the tie-item, I *think* does does not protect it, but I'm uncertain.

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