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Adisla Lothar
Status: Alive
Guild: Bard
Race: Kaldar
Gender: Female
Location: Albaria
Associates: [[associates with::Klaf]], [[associates with::Thororm]]


You see Lady Adisla Lothar, a Kaldaran Bardess

Deep shimmering copper colored hair, the color of a warm sunset, has been swept up into a romantic twist, with tiny tendrils allowed to play about her cheeks and ears. Graceful arched eyebrows enhance her thick-lashed emerald colored eyes. Her flawless porcelain skin is softly kissed with a hint of blush accenting her high cheekbones. Her full lips are lightly tinted with a deep red wine color. She has a curvaceous figure and is slightly under average height for a Kaldar.
She is young for a Kaldar.

She is holding a violet-tinted glass of champagne in her left hand.
She is wearing a delicate platinum tiara decorated with exquisite purple sapphires, a twilight sapphire and platinum pendant, an elegant wrap of violet ice silk edged with translucent fringe, a stunning corsage of orchids centered with a cluster of purple sapphires, a strapless sultry gown of deep purple Kaldaran samite edged in Albarian lace and some formal deep purple slippers graced with a violet sapphire orchid.


Adisla has two bodyguards, Klaf and Thororm.