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Uzil at a Glance
Material Type Fabric
Colors Unknown
Symbolism Sun, Water
Rarity Quest-Only
Cultural Relevance
Required for Alterations Yes

A soft, flowing fabric, uzil was created by a Siksrajan weaver who said that its name and method of creation came to her in a dream as she napped by the village lake. Careful inclusion of tiny crystalline flecks in the silken threads gives uzil a shimmering appearance reminiscent of the surface of a body of water in the afternoon sun.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Raw Material Sources


ItemSource isRarity is
Amber uzil cotehardie with red gold buttonsKnight at the Club (2)Knight at the Club (1)festival
Aqua uzil burnoose with long sleevesEmperor's New Robes (2)festival
Black uzil kimono figured with crimson peony bloomsRaw Silk (2)festival
Bright lime-green sarong embroidered with azure poison dart frogsHot Tropicsfestival
Captivating safos of cobalt uzil fastened by a row of dark kazene moonsLimited Treasures (5)festival
Cream-colored uzil gloves trimmed with matching silken braidAll the King's Men (3)festival
Dramatic cloak fastened with a claspHollow Eve Festival 447/Game prizesHollow Eve Festival 439/Game prizesHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizesincidental
Ethereal odaj composed of fluttering layers of sheer turbaursLimited Treasures (3)
Flirty navy uzil garter frothed with ivory laceGalleria of Garters (2)
Flowing robes flecked with tiny dropletsHollow Eve Festival 447/Game prizesHollow Eve Festival 443/Game prizesHollow Eve Festival 439/Game prizesincidental
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