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A naturally grey wood.

This wood is considered common and is not required to be provided for alterations.

Forfedhdar Specimens

Can be found along the Hawstkaal Road in Forfedhdar near the Peri'el Altar ravine:

  • A sign of its long struggle for life, the bark of this ke'nag tree is almost the color of the boulders it stops from tumbling down the crevice.
  • Gnarled and grey, the tree looks as old as the rocks around it yet it appears to be home to something nesting in its highest crook.


ItemSource isRare item
Blackened steel sledgehammer charmChizelli's Charms (4)true
Carved ke'nag triquetraBeyond the Barrier: The Devastation of Lyrastrue
Explorer's hiking stick made of gnarled ke'nagLaughing Nomlas (1)Laughing Nomlas (2)true
Ke'nag pelletbow with several notches carved along the stockTreasure maptrue
Slightly rusty ke'nag-framed steel washboardJoys of Noise (3)true