Peacock jasper

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Discovered by renowned explorer Sunddan Harlabeck in a deep vein running through the area of Forisaad, these magnificently vibrant, teal gems bear their unique inclusion similar to that of a peacock feather's eye. Formed with a deep/dark blue center, the eye is surrounded by an opalescent ring that radiates threadlike hues of bright green and gold, the remainder of the gem replete with minute tendrils of amber that glint lustrously when displayed in the light.

Must be provided for alterations.

ItemSource isRare item
Carved peacock jasper motherheartCultured Attire (4)true
Dainty shireli lace parasol dotted with magnificent peacock jaspersTildi's Blooms (3)true
Fist-shaped granite mace bearing a lurid peacock jasperMisenseor Goods (5)true
Mazarine treasureweave turban held together by a peacock jasper pintrue
Ruby-hued camlet toga clasped at the shoulder with a peacock jasper faesoul bloomCultured Attire (5)true
Saucer-sized pendant with a large negeri blossom formed by inset peacock jaspersSmaller Side of Life (2)true

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