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Mined at an unknown location in Ilithi, the rainbow sapphire exhibits a dark blue hue that, when faceted, subtly flows into two different colors. If left uncut, the sapphire's colors are muddied and appear dull and discolored.

Introduced at the Shimmer Shack during the Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415 in 2015.

While the specific details are unknown, two artisans, Mister Garnaal Arnskeg and Glitter Advisor Kimallus, were credited with the discovery of the rainbow sapphire, however, both refuse to comment on where in Ilithi the gems were found. Rumors speculate that both parties have been quietly feuding for many years, and it is assumed that the precious rainbow sapphire is just one more reason for their continued denial of the other's existence.

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Anniversary ring set with a rainbow sapphire encircled by a halo of diamonds
Austere spiritwood promise band
Beveled tri-gold pinky ring flaunting a star-shaped rainbow sapphire
Blued steel prayer beads graced with a briolette-cut rainbow sapphire
Branching Ilithian cedar thighband bearing Ilithic apple blue rainbow sapphires
Colorful Imperial weave satchel clasped with a winged rencate and rainbow sapphire pig
Cut crystal decanter with a large rainbow sapphire stopper
Dainty silver chains linked together by rainbow sapphire studs
Darkened silver finger claw adorned with slivers of rainbow sapphire
Delicate chain bracelet sparkling with tiny rainbow sapphires
Elegantly styled wirework circlet centered with a trilliant-cut rainbow sapphire
Fancy friendship ring displaying a pair of square-cut rainbow sapphires
Fluted silver wedding torque with square rainbow sapphire-inlaid terminals
Fragile milk glass torque draping acenite chains scattered with rainbow sapphires
Glorious goldweave doughnut purse drizzled with rainbow sapphire sprinkles
Golden stud earring set with a trillion-cut rainbow sapphire
Hibiscus-pink hummingbird with iridescent plumage
High-waisted whitleather skirt tailored for a slim fit
Huge rencate dye case inlaid with winged rainbow sapphire pigs
Ilithic applewood trinket box edged with rainbow sapphires
Knife-edged oath ring gypsy-set with three rainbow sapphires
Leather-trimmed brushed steel armband flush-set with a trio of rainbow sapphires
Length of sunset-yellow bourde
Low-backed ivory raw silk gown with a white gold halter neck
Lustrous bangle of flame-kissed gold gypsy-set with rainbow sapphires
Lustrous platinum nuptial band with a magnificent cathedral-set rainbow sapphire
Narrow rencate bauble coffer inlaid with rainbow sapphires
Narrow rose gold toe-ring dangling a rainbow sapphire bead
Narrow wedding toe-ring set with a prominent oval-cut rainbow sapphire
Niniam-belled bandeau top of multihued silveress with off-the-shoulder sleeves
Pair of brushed steel bracers displaying large rainbow sapphire cabochons
Pair of pendent rainbow sapphire earrings
Pallid whitleather cloak clasped with a whirl-cut rainbow sapphire
Perfectly matched pair of whirl-cut rainbow sapphires
Platinum engagement ring set with an antique miner-cut rainbow sapphire
Polychromatic silveress pantaloons with a niniam and rainbow sapphire belt
Promise ring comprised of linked rose gold hearts set with rainbow sapphires
Pyramid-shaped Elven gold jewelry chest
Rainbow sapphire amulet strung upon an Elven silver chain
Series of blue gold armbands lit by rainbow sapphires and indicolite tourmalines
Silky blue lance stitched with tiny rainbow sapphires
Silver and gold nib pen topped with a faceted rainbow sapphire
Silvery-black wire chest harness weighted by kertig's tears and rainbow sapphires
Sleek blued steel bonding ring bead-set with an array of rainbow sapphires
Slender girdle of delicate filigree twined around rose-cut rainbow sapphires
Slim velvet choker suspending a rainbow sapphire caged in rose gold
Small ring box of white acenite
Smooth cherrywood repair case displaying a single rainbow sapphire
Spiraling crystal wristcuff adorned with an array of rainbow sapphires
Spiraling tri-color wedding tailband channel-set with brilliant rainbow sapphires
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