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Shadesatin is a type of satin that has a very high thread count and is difficult to make because it's spun from very fine threads of silver to make a high gloss sheen. It holds color well and is called shadesatin because it tends to create shadows in the fabric depending on the light in the area.

LOOK: This exquisite and lustrous cloth is woven from silk, the layers of delicate fibers creating a medium weight fabric that has a smooth finish and sumptuous high-gloss sheen. Dramatic shadows dance across the material's surface, their size and shape dependant on the amount and type of light in the area.

This material is required to be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Animite-hued cashmere tweed cape lined with shadesatinHollow Eve 425 Raffle Centertrue
Black shadesatin rosette set with a gloomwood medallionObscure Memories (2)true
Crimson shadesatin gown with a gold filigreed pinSilken Seams (1)Silken Seams (2)true
Crimson shadesatin gown with a keyhole necklineSilken Seams (3)true
Dark shadesatin doublet with a pale eolienne spiral radiating from the abdomenLimited Treasures (1)true
Deep violet shadesatin gown with scalloped swags of pale Despair roses embroidered along the hemHollow Eve Festival 399 Auctiontrue
Deep yellow shadesatin vest embroidered with flying birdsEagle Eye (2)true
Dramatic strapless gown of light whisperlayne opposing dark shadesatinDamsel In This Dress (4)true
Draping uaro's'sugi of lustrous aubergine shadesatinAng'hhsmustrue
Elegantly tailored white shadesatin shirtGear Shop (4)Golden e'erdream costume trunk embellished with black Elven gold hardwaretrue
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