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Rosecloth is made from the vines of wild roses that have been dried and pounded into long fibers that are spun into a fine thread and then into a lightweight fabric. When dyed the rose fibers take the color unevenly making unexpected variations of light and dark across the cloth.


ItemSource isRare item
Burgundy rosecloth ribbonDamsel In This Dress (3)true
Bustled skirt of turbaurs panels wrapped around rosecloth petticoatsDamsel In This Dress (1)Damsel In This Dress (4)true
Chic floral print headscarf cut from spring green roseclothMercurial Magetrue
Crimson rosecloth caftan with flared sleevesHuldah Shrine prizes 410Huldah Shrine prizes 421true
Dappled fawn rosecloth shirt featuring audrualm buttonsLimited Treasures (1)true
Demure white rosecloth dress dappled with cream and ivoryNatural Beauty (1)true
Draping leaf green rosecloth blouse with a drawstring necklineDamsel In This Dress (3)true
Flirty rosecloth sundress with a clingy skirtDamsel In This Dress (3)true
Full-length lilac rosecloth bloomers trimmed with shireli laceLimited Treasures (2)Modest and respectable rosecloth gown delicately tinted a feminine shade of lilactrue
Item:Demure white rosecloth dress dappled with cream and ivoryNatural Beauty (1)true
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