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This item was introduced during the 410 Hollow Eve festival (2013).

Physical Properties

Per GM Persida: Made by nuns of Divyaush, this fine linen fabric holds evenly spaced silver threads along the warp. Separating jaalmin from being just another nameless variation on normal linen, the nuns use a closely-guarded (and presumed magical) process to tint the metallic threads in a wide variety of colors. Though the creation process itself is secretive, finished jaalmin may have both the linen and the metallic thread colors changed, depending on the skill of the artisan. The name is a combination of the words for 'water' (jaal) and 'silver' (min) in Gamgweth.

This material must be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Cerise jaalmin gown with a slinky trumpet silhouette completed by a brush trainNatural Beauty (1)true
Charcoal grey jaalmin vestHide and Silk (3)true
Cobalt blue jaalmin-covered wallWally's World of Wallstrue
Dark grey pants hemmed in smoky blue jaalminFashionable Panda (1)true
Dramatic cloak fastened with a claspHollow Eve Festival 436/Game prizestrue
Elaborate jaalmin shirt shot through with metallic threads tinted in dark huesTurialo's Haven (8)true
Elegant black velvet jacket with slender lapels of silver jaalminThis Little Piggy (1)This Little Piggy (2)true
Embroidered jaalmin sash with a repeating diamond patternTurialo's Haven (8)true
Embroidered ruazin wool tricorn dyed a shockingly bright ultramarine blueNatural Beauty (2)true
Empire-waist orchid cire gown with a layered skirt of indigo-framed scalesDamsel In This Dress (2)true
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