Night Sky

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Night Sky
Class: Unknown
Rooms: 2
Captain: Spigle
Fare: None
Route: Ratha

Disclaimer: The arrival time of the Night Sky is estimated and can be significantly off due to pirates, weather conditions, mutinies, sea monsters and other assundries not mentioned. The owners of the Night Sky can not be held responsible for being off in such estimations.


[The Night Sky, Foredeck]
The salt-stained sail rises high above, emblazoned with the form of a tall pyramid. The captain barks orders to a meager crew of two, who don't appear in any great hurry to complete their assigned tasks. Rigging lines and stray coils of rope create a hazardous path across the deck. You also see Captain Spigle and a small wooden wheel.
Ship paths: forward.

[The Night Sky, Main Deck]
Low oak railings run aft from the bow of the small ship, providing meager protection for passengers during stormy voyages. A triangular section of the bow is fenced off to make a containing pen for transported livestock.
Ship paths: aft.

  • LOOK at pen

The pen holds two mangy goats.


  • Ship allowing travel between Ratha and Taisgath.
  • Stays docked for 5 minutes before departing.
  • Nobody uses the ship much any longer, though, because there is a permanent (and instant) moongate available on the third tier of Ratha.