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Class: unknown
Rooms: 11
Captain: Halasael
Fare: None
Route: Riverhaven
Aesry Surlaenis'a
Extras: magonel

Disclaimer: The arrival time of the Lybadel is estimated and can be significantly off due to patrol conditions. The owners of the Lybadel can not be held responsible for being off in such estimations.


[Lybadel, Prow]
Walking in this tiny area is difficult due to the litter of ropes, some coiled and some stretching from the railings and belaying pins up into the maze of wood and canvas above. The massive iron anchor, rusted and pitted from years of service, lies next to a huge windlass, its chain coiled neatly round the capstan. Forward, the bowsprit stretches far out over the water, and tucked underneath it is the carved figurehead of a serene and beautiful woman. You also see the rungs of an iron ladder fastened into the wall of the forecastle aft.
Ship paths: none.

[Lybadel, Foredeck]
Varnished ironwood railings surround the foredeck on all four sides, and ropes in dizzying numbers seem to lead in every direction. The smells of fresh varnish and salt air compete with the more appetizing odors coming from the galley stove's vent along the port rail. The foremast rises through the decking at its forward edge, next to a gap in the railing allowing access to a column of iron rungs hammered into the edge of the deck leading down to the prow. You also see a dark barrel, a chain pile, a mangonel, a steep stairway going down and aft, a heavy crate, the fore course and the flying jib.
Ship paths: none.

[Lybadel, Foremast]
Slippery with years of wear and the almost constant salt spray when the ship is in motion, the ramrod straight ash foremast is climbable only because of the rope footholds and an occasional spar. Sails hang from the spars and between the masts, lines criss-crossing around them. You also see the foremast and the fore topmast staysail.
Ship paths: none.

[Lybadel, Main Deck]
In the middle of the ship, the main deck is closest to the water of all the open decks, and on a hard heel the waves can wash over the exposed planks. For this reason, everything is securely fastened down to keep it from sliding or being washed away, and the hatches are tightly dogged shut. Forward lies the forecastle and an oak door leading to the galley, while aft rises the quarterdeck and under it, a cabin door. You also see a mangonel, a dark barrel, a heavy crate, a chain pile, a steep stairway leading up and forward and a narrow ladder aft going up.
Ship paths: none.

[Lybadel, Galley]
Warmly lit day and night for the benefit of hungry sailors, the galley has food and drink available at all times. On the starboard side stands a large oval pedestal table surrounded on three sides by a built-in bench, with cabinets and cubbyholes forming its sides and back wall. To port is a long counter, behind which is the glowing hot black iron stove and a food storage area. You also see an oak door.
Ship paths: none.

On the table.
Item Price Done
a cast iron pot of strong black coffee 0   
a bowl filled to the brim with golden crusty hard rolls 0   
a small black cauldron filled with savory lamb stew 0   

[Lybadel, Crew's Quarters]
Next to the door, the huge main-mast rises through the floor and pierces the ceiling. A circle of hooks has been hammered into it, and various items of clothing and raingear dangle from them, swaying with the motion of the ship. The rest of the large hold is filled with the crew's hammocks, slung between the framing poles and pillars. Along the sides of the ship are large sea chests, unobtrusively bolted to the deck. You also see a cabin door.
Ship paths: none.

[Lybadel, Quarterdeck]
Thick as a good-sized tree, the main-mast towers above the decking at its forward edge. Aft, the poop deck rises about eight feet above the level of the quarterdeck, and an ornately carved door leads to the captain's cabin, tucked under the higher deck. A long bench curves along the port railing. You also see a heavy crate, a mangonel, a dark barrel, a very steep stairway aft going up, a narrow ladder forward going down and a chain pile.
Ship paths: none.

[Lybadel, Captain's Cabin]
At the very rear of the ship, directly under the poop deck, the Captain's cabin is by ship's standards comfortable and spacious. Diamond-paned windows cross the aft wall above a carved oak desk, reflecting the golden light of the room from their shiny blackness. A wide bunk has been built into the port wall, with storage bins and cabinets let into the paneling above it. You also see a door.
Ship paths: none.

[Lybadel, Main-mast Crow's Nest]
At almost the very top of the main-mast, the crow's nest provides a small resting platform with a flimsy rail from which to look out over the darkness of the surrounding sea or scan the stars. From this perch high over the ocean comes the first sight of land lights, obstacles ahead in the darkness, or other ships' lanterns. You also see the main-mast, the main topsail and a small silver telescope.
Ship paths: none.

[Lybadel, Poop Deck]
The ship's wheel is located here, at the highest part of the ship, almost directly above the rudder. Over the aft rail is a steep drop down to the sea, invisible in the darkness, and three glowing lanterns hang from the railing as a warning and notice to other ships plying these waters. Forward, the mizzenmast rises out of the decking toward the sky. You also see Captain Halasael and a very steep stairway forward going down.
Ship paths: none.

[Lybadel, Mizzenmast]
A bewildering array of ropes and canvas, furled and unfurled, is barely visible through the darkness from this perch at the top of the mizzenmast. Frighteningly far below shines the glow of the ship's lanterns on the stern. You also see the mizzenmast and the mizzen topsail.
Ship paths: none.


  • Ship that carries passengers on a route between Riverhaven and Aesry Surlaenis'a.
  • Halasael is the captain of this ship.
  • Unlike many transport ships, the Lybadel has teleportation interference in every room, making it impossible for a Moon Mage to "cheat" the trip.
  • Unlike most other ships in general, the Lybadel does not use the traditional forward, aft, port, starboard directions and instead has climbable obstacles seperating the rooms.
  • There are pirates that spawn onboard throughout the trip