Talking Salmon

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Talking Salmon, Harbor Ships
Province Zoluren
Town Ilaya Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 112
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Ilaya Taipa, Pier]
Blandly anonymous, as all such places are, the weathered boards of the pier creak underfoot. Heavy pilings on either side are lashed together by layers of tarred rope. You also see a wooden bin, a copper-banded oak barrel, the Tipsy Barmaid moored beside the pier and the water of the harbor below.
Obvious paths: southwest.

In the rough pine crate (Food)
Item Price Done
thin ash cheese box - contains slice of aged white cheese layered with walnuts and dried apples 1,250   
thin oak cheese box - contains slice of stilton cheese 1,250   
beechwood cheese box 1,250   
bentwood cheese box 1,250   
In the copper-banded oak barrel (Food)
Item Price Done
brined duck eggs 31   
beet-red pickled eggs 31   
salt-cured peacock eggs 31   
tea-cured pickled eggs 31   !!
pickled quail eggs 31   
In the round-topped shagreen trunk (Food)
Item Price Done
blackened barghest jerky 50   
dried salt cod 25   
salt-cured venison jerky 31   !!
fat-laced peccary jerky 50   
peppery warcat jerky 50   !!
In the copper-banded oak barrel (Food)
Item Price Done
bag of yellow onions 12   
bunch of pale green celery 15   
bag of salt-cured shrimp 50   
bunch of stubby carrots 15   
bag of dried figs 18   
bag of dried chickpeas 15   
In the wooden bin (Food)
Item Price Done
bag of rock candy 18   
bag of caramel bullseyes 25   
box of chocolate caramels 37   
box of jellied fruit 37   
box of chocolate cherries 62   
In the fretwork sandalwood box (Food)
Item Price Done
candied rose petals 31   
vibrant candied pansies 31   
candied nasturtium flowers 31   
candied borage blossoms 31   
delicate candied violets 31   
In the simple cedar box (Food)
Item Price Done
cubes of dried papaya 18   
jar of dried raspberries 31   
sliced dried bananas 31   
jar of dried blueberries 25   
jar of dried cranberries 25   
In the tin-lined oak box (Food)
Item Price Done
candied lemon peel 25   
candied orange peel 25   
candied sicle bark 25   !!
candied taffelberries 25   !!
candied ginger 25   
In the sturdy teak crate (Drink)
Item Price Done
maple mead 31   !!
apple mead 31   
peach mead 31   !!
blueberry mead 31   
ginger-pear mead 31   
elderberry mead 31   
In the splintered driftwood crate (Drink)
Item Price Done
rose cordial 62   !!
dandelion cordial 62   
elderberry cordial 62   
mint liqueur 62   
raspberry cordial 62   
taffelberry cordial 62