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Class: schooner
Rooms: 6
Captain: Tarkahl
Fare: None
Route: Ratha
Extras: None


[Tasia'zaul, Foredeck]
The bowsprit attached to the jib boom on the bow is rigged to hold three triangular foresails in front of the foremast. Thick lines, run through pulleys and block and tackle, allow quick adjustments to the sails and yards. The foredeck allows a clear view of the ship's figurehead -- a huge, three-headed viper sinuously coiled around a shark tooth-tipped spear. You also see a coil of rope.
Ship paths: aft.

[Tasia'zaul, Main Deck]
The foresail's spar runs aft from the foremast that rises from the deck here. Crosstrees, attached to the highest parts of the ship's masts, spread the topmost shrouds. Part of the gunwale is hinged in this part of the deck to allow cargo to be moved from the docks to the main hold hatch.
Ship paths: forward, aft.

[Tasia'zaul, Main Hold]
The hold is full of crates partially covered with dark canvas tarps. A thick stench of tar lingers in the air from the waterproofing done to the ship's bulkhead. You also see a ladder.
Ship paths: none.

[Tasia'zaul, Main Deck]
The mainmast spires high into the sky from this part of the deck. Halyards attached to the mainsail are tied to belay pins in the mast's fife rail. A door, painted a gaudy blue, leads below deck to the schooner's lone cabin.
Ship paths: forward, aft.

[Tasia'zaul, Cabin]
This small cabin serves as galley and bunkroom for the whole ship. A small table and a couple of chairs are bolted to the room's floor next to a small iron stove.
Ship paths: out.

[Tasia'zaul, Quarterdeck]
The boom, running from the mainmast, hangs overhead rigged with the square mainsail. A sturdy iron bulwark runs along the ship side above the much scarred deck to prevent men and gear from going over the side. You also see a small wooden wheel and Captain Tarkahl.
Ship paths: forward.