Birch Skiff

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Class: skiff
Look: a birch skiff
Rooms: 1
Fare: 58 Dokora
Route: Ilaya Taipa
Ain Ghazal

[A Birch Skiff]
This particular skiff is roomy and solid with benches only slightly worn from use. A lantern is hung at one end, shining its light against the surrounding darkness. It makes a slight jingling noise as it sways along with the boat.
Obvious paths: none.


  • A Birch Skiff travels between Ilaya Taipa and Ain Ghazal
  • Costs 58 dokoras to board.
  • Stays docked for 2 minutes.
  • Seen as a long River Elf skiff as it approaches a dock.
  • Both skiffs have no traditional ship name.