S'lai Treasure

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S'lai Treasure
Class: Unknown
Rooms: 25
Pilot: Durgh
Captain: Darlsan


Durgh is a massive S'Kra Mur with mottled skin and one crinkled pale blue eye. His other is hidden behind a bright blue eyepatch embroidered with a silver-scaled sea snake. He is wearing a battered leather vest over a knee-length sailcloth tunic belted with a rope of knotted starshells and a dark silk neckerchief.


[The S'lai Treasure, Main Deck Starboard]
Barnacles are piled along the bulwarks of the wooden craft, in a pool of salt water, as are several barrels and crates belonging to merchants. Crewmen scurry through the rigging or dash up the three masts like spiders. A series of doors lead inside the ship, to the lounge and cabins. You also see a dark barrel, a mangonel, a heavy crate and a chain pile.
Ship paths: aft, port, forward to port.

[The S'lai Treasure, Main Deck Port]
Two glass windows offer an excellent view inside the pilothouse of the ship, where can be seen the steering wheel and the backstaff, and shelves filled with numerous other nautical devices. Extra rope and cable wrapped in a colorful patched up tarp rest outside the door to the pilothouse. You also see a chain pile, a dark barrel, a heavy crate and a mangonel.
Ship paths: forward to starboard, starboard, aft.

[The S'lai Treasure, Amidships Port]
The ship's foresail looms above deck, the white cloth bearing Zoluren's crest painted over the personal seal of the merchants who once ran the boat. Salty spray from the ocean covers the air and the wooden planks of the deck, as the waves crash to the tune of gulls crying. You also see a chain pile, a mangonel, a heavy crate and a dark barrel.
Ship paths: forward, starboard, aft.

[The S'lai Treasure, Amidships Starboard]
Several sailors sing while they work in the rigging above the deck, or work at scrubbing the deck itself. Stacked beside the gunwale are half open crates filled with ammunition to work the ship's cannons in the event of battle. You also see a heavy crate, a dark barrel, a chain pile and a mangonel.
Ship paths: forward, aft, port.

[The S'lai Treasure, Near Central Hatch]
The sharp tang of saltwater mingles with the fragrance of food cooking in the ship's galley and the harsh scent of tar to form the memorable aroma of a seafaring ship. Overturned wooden jolly boats stand sentinel along the gunwale, on either side of the central hatch leading to the ship's hold.
Ship paths: starboard, port.

[The S'lai Treasure, Starboard Stern]
Cables along the ship's bulwarks support several small dinghies to be used in the event of an evacuation. However, possessing gutted interiors and broken oars, the lifeboats do not look to be very safe. The deck here is rather slippery from the salty water splashing aboard due to the ship's rocking. You also see a heavy crate, a dark barrel, a chain pile and a mangonel.
Ship paths: forward, aft to port, port.

[The S'lai Treasure, Port Stern]
The rocking deck makes for unsteady footing as the waves roll the ship up and down and back and forth. The deck is made more dangerous by the multitude of ropes connected to the sails and rigging from the deck. High overhead can be seen the crow's nest, where sailors keep a close watch for enemies. You also see the ratlines, a heavy crate, a mangonel, a dark barrel and a chain pile.
Ship paths: forward, starboard, aft to starboard.

[The S'lai Treasure, Stern]
Looking down from the far back of the ship, one can sea the strong rudder directing the ship's route, and the wake left in its passing. Coils of rope are wrapped around the gunwales, and crewmen work at the boom and sails above the deck. You also see a dark hatch, the ship's wheel and Pilot Durgh.
Ship paths: forward to starboard, forward to port.

[The S'lai Treasure, Foredeck]
At this high point, the figurehead of a S'lai along the bow is clearly visible, the head cracked while the body is covered in mollusks. Tossed upon the deck are multi-colored signal flags used to call for help when the ship is in danger. The flags are usually employed when the merchant vessel is attacked by pirates, but serve no purpose on this particular voyage. Salt covered wind rushes over the deck, forcing working sailors to squint their eyes. You also see a heavy crate, a hatch, a dark barrel, a mangonel and a chain pile.
Ship paths: aft to starboard, aft to port.

[The S'lai Treasure, Forecastle]
Buckets and hoses are stored in a small cabinet just within the forecastle doors, along with mops and brooms and other housekeeping supplies. None of these seem to be in use in the forecastle itself -- the pale white oak of the maindeck gives way to mildew-stained exposed oak beams, while the glass chimney of the lantern is dulled by an accumulation of soot. You also see the wardroom, a hatch, the captain's quarters and a short passage.
Ship paths: starboard.

[The S'lai Treasure, Wardroom]
A wooden table stained with white water-rings nearly fills the cramped confines of the wardroom. Battered chairs, in various stages of disrepair, cluster closely around it, leaving just enough room to pull each chair back and squeeze in. No space is wasted here or in any part of the ship -- wooden lockers between the ceiling joists contain an assortment of delicacies unavailable to the common crewman, purchased by members of the wardroom to enliven their meals on the voyage. You also see a door.
Ship paths: out.

[The S'lai Treasure, Officer's Berth]
Wooden bunks line the walls, deep shelves to cushion the sleep of the ship's officers. In the center of the room, a table holds manuals of seamanship and other tools of the sailor's trade -- a divider, a chart of the local waters and an hourglass. The low ceiling makes it impossible for any crew member taller than a Dwarf to stand upright without danger of injury to his head. You also see a door.
Ship paths: none.

[The S'lai Treasure, Captain's Day Room]
A long oak refectory table stretches from door to far wall of the cabin, surrounded by high-backed carved oak chairs. Fastened securely to the floor, the table has a half-inch lip around the edge to prevent dishes from falling in rough seas. Several paintings depicting life on the sea hang on the teak-panneled walls, providing a splash of color to the otherwise austere decor. You also see a carved oak door.
Ship paths: out.

[The S'lai Treasure, Captain's Quarters]
Unlike the exposed-beam architecture found in the rest of the ship, the captain's cabin has an air of luxury with teak-paneled walls and ceilings and polished mahogany furniture. A real bed, rather than a bunk or hammock, fills the far side of the cabin, with sheer gauze hangings and a green damask cover. Near the door, a heavy desk holds charts and books, its polished brass trim polished to a bright gleam. You also see a carved oak door.
Ship paths: out.

[The S'lai Treasure, Crew's Quarters]
Hammocks slung from beam to beam in the cramped quarters provide resting places for members of the crew not currently on duty. The call of the ship's bell rules the lives of the men, ringing out every half-hour to mark the passage of time. Four hours work, followed by four hours of rest in their hammocks or relaxation working on hobbies or gambling, only to be set aside again four hours later when the bell tolls the start of the new watch.
Ship paths: forward, port.

[The S'lai Treasure, Crew's Mess]
Planks nailed to wooden barrels form crude tables and benches for the crew. The daily meal of salted meat, hardtack and pickled cabbage is enlivened twice a week by a boiled pudding made of flour and dried raisins or currents, known as "duff". The standard allowance of a gallon of ale per man each makes up for the lack of variety in the menu. You also see a cask of dark ale.
Ship paths: aft, forward to port.

[The S'lai Treasure, Galley]
Vats of water boil merrily atop an iron stove, filling the dank galley with steam as salty slabs of beef or pork stew for hours. Wooden platters are stacked on shelves, along with tin forks and spoons. Tin-lined bins below the shelves hold hardtack, a dry, tasteless biscuit frequently home to weevils and other, less readily identifiable denizens of the insect kingdom.
Ship paths: aft to starboard.

[The S'lai Treasure, Forward Hold]
Cramped and crowded, the hold is filled from floor to ceiling joists with an assortment of crates, rolls of canvas and rope, barrels of water, salted meat and ale and other less readily identifiable equipment required by a ship on any voyage. A narrow bench off to one side fills what little free space there is, with a sail stretched out over the top as one of the sailmaker's mates works to patch a tear. You also see a short passage.
Ship paths: aft.

[The S'lai Treasure, Central Hold]
Net bags hang from the ceiling joists, holding wax-coated wheels of cheese out of reach of the local rodents. Swaying tin disks fastened to the ropes ensure that any attempts to gain access to the food does nothing more than dump the pilferer upon the deck. Below the deck, the dank stench of mildew is accompanied by the sound of water sloshing in the bilges. A brass lantern hangs from a central support beam, providing a flickering circle of illumination in the darkness of the hold.
Ship paths: forward, aft, up.

[The S'lai Treasure, Aft Hold]
A group of off-duty sailors huddle in a circle around a cleared space in the aft hold, cheering on a pair of rats that battle for a bit of hardtack or cheese. The winner of the cruel sport will grow plump on his prize, while the looser will fatten the belly of some predator of the sea. One sailor stands guard near a short passage, ready to warn his mates to scatter should an officer approach. You also see a short passage.
Ship paths: forward, down.

[The S'lai Treasure, Bilge]
Water sloshes in the bowels of the ship as the ocean seeps through the caulking between the wooden planking of the hull. A pair of sailors work a pump, returning the water to the ocean from which it came in an ongoing battle against the sea. A fitful circle of flickering light surrounds a lantern which hangs from the ceiling joists, but the comfort of the candle only serves to emphasize the darkness.
Ship paths: up.

[The S'lai Treasure, Lower Deck]
Damp, stinking air flows into the lower deck through a short passage that leads to the hold, condensing on the walls and fittings to rust metal and rot wood. The darkness below decks is undiminished by what little light filters through the hatch in the ceiling, however a single tallow candle flickers fitfully in a soot-stained glass lantern that hangs from the exposed joists of the ceiling. You also see a white door and a brown door.
Ship paths: none.

[The S'lai Treasure, Passenger Cabin]
The most luxurious of the passenger cabins on the ship, this stateroom features lacy netting shrouding the wide bunk suspended from the wall, as well as a small table with a pair of graceful lyre-backed chairs. Round portholes framed with polished brass give the oak-paneled walls a light, airy feeling, while the glass lantern hanging over the table provides illumination during the hours of darkness.
Ship paths: out.

[The S'lai Treasure, Passenger Cabin]
Little larger than a pair of coffins stacked one atop the other, the smallest cabin on board is sized to house Dwarves, Gnomes and Halflings with efficiency if not comfort. Located in a small corner near the bulkhead, the room is equipped with several bunks, none more than four feet long, and an overpowering stench of dank, mildewed wood from the ship's bilge.
Ship paths: out.

[The S'lai Treasure, Crow's Nest]
Unlike the gentle roll of the deck, the tall mast amplifies the motion of the waves into wild swings back and forth far, far above the water. A railing surrounds the circular platform, with netting strung between the support posts to help prevent falls without restricting visibility. You also see the ratlines.
Ship paths: none.