Cat's Ninth Life

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Cat's Ninth Life, Harbor Ships
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town Ilaya Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 112
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Alchemy shops, Cambrinth shops, Clothing shops, Magic shops, Perfume shops, Tanning shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Ilaya Taipa, Pier]
Blandly anonymous, as all such places are, the weathered boards of the pier creak underfoot. Heavy pilings on either side are lashed together by layers of tarred rope. You also see a padded walnut box, an polished oak jewelry box, a long crate, a copper-bound blue shagreen trunk, the Cat's Ninth Life moored beside the pier and the water of the harbor below.
Obvious paths: west.

In the copper-bound blue shagreen trunk (Clothing)
Item Price Done
lace-edged coral silk skirt 18,750   !!
pale blue and white striped skirt 2,500   !!
elegant black velvet skirt 18,750   !!
pleated white linen skirt 3,125   !!
lace-trimmed green velvet skirt 18,750   !!
pintucked blue sateen skirt 3,125   !!
In the pink shagreen trunk (Clothing)
Item Price Done
bias-cut jade silk skirt 18,750   !!
diaphanous amber gauze skirt 9,375   !!
peacock-blue trumpet skirt 9,375   !!
deep rose flannel skirt 3,750   !!
garnet wool skirt 3,750   !!
embroidered white batiste skirt 3,125   !!
In the brass-bound shagreen trunk (Clothing)
Item Price Done
gold and red plaid flannel shirt 1,875   !!
red and black plaid flannel shirt 1,875   
grey and blue plaid flannel shirt 1,875   !!
grey and pink plaid flannel shirt 1,875   !!
tan and green plaid flannel shirt 1,875   !!
long-sleeved plaid flannel shirt 1,875   !!
In the cedar-lined shagreen trunk (Clothing)
Item Price Done
pale grey woolen stole with an embroidered knotwork rose vine border 3,125   !!
sky-blue mohair stole with a long crystal-beaded fringe 3,125   !!
soft lavender linsey-woolsey stole with an embroidered silver maze border 3,125   !!
In the cedar-lined modwir trunk (Clothing)
Item Price Done
softly draped silk stole with an embroidered floral border 18,750   !!
cobwebby silver lace stole adorned with tiny crystal beads along the edges 18,750   !!
soft black lambswool stole with an embroidered band of silver stars 3,125   !!
creamy cashmere stole with an embroidered paisley border 9,375   !!
In the velvet-lined oak crate (Clothing)
Item Price Done
fuchsia kidskin corset inset with petal-pink panels bordering the front laces 31,250   !!
back-laced doeskin corset stitched in a pattern of jewel-toned butterflies 31,250   
steel-boned leather corset dyed a rich jade-green accented by a golden lining 87,500   !!
side-laced crimson corset hand sewn from supple kidskin beaded in black onyx 75,000   !!
ruby-red calfskin corset trimmed with silk ribbons along the dagged hem 37,500   !!
royal blue doeskin corset trimmed with pale grey rabbit fur 62,500   !!
In the satin-lined brass coffer (Clothing)
Item Price Done
pale-blue calfskin corset with strands of pearls draping the low neckline 150,000   !!
white kidskin corset delicately embroidered in a silver frostlike pattern 100,000   !!
tawny gold buckskin corset intricately beaded with an emerald fern motif 100,000   !!
black doeskin corset jeweled with petite ruby roses on rambling emerald vines 250,000   !!
heavily-lined black leather corset trimmed in thin ribbons of blue velvet 100,000   !!
vivid coral kidskin corset trimmed in ivory lace along the deep neckline 100,000   !!
In the cedar-lined oak trunk (Clothing)
Item Price Done
fingerless black leather gloves lined with soft squirrel fur 1,550   !!
dashing hip-length swordsman's cape lined in lush brown otter fur (2) 38,750   !!
deep green raw silk gloves lined with red fox fur 1,687   !!
dark blue kidskin gloves lined with grey rabbit fur 1,625   !!
pale grey rabbit fur mittens lined with soft red chamois 1,525   !!
brown fur-lined leather gloves with brass buckles to cinch the wrists 1,562   !!
In the sturdy wooden crate (Clothing)
Item Price Done
pair of ankle-high black horsehide moccasins with belled laces 1,625   !!
pair of ankle-high suede moccasins with sheepskin lining 1,625   !!
pair of ankle-high deerskin moccasins with porcupine quill embroidery 1,625   !!
In the sturdy wooden crate (Clothing)
Item Price Done
pair of ruddy knee-high horsehide moccasins with contrasting grey squirrel fur lining 2,125   !!
pair of soft knee-high deerskin moccasins with black rabbit fur lining 2,125   !!
pair of knee-high calfskin moccasins with braided leather laces 2,125   !!
pair of supple knee-high snakeskin moccasins with silver-beaded laces 3,125   !!
In the polished oak jewelry box (Cambrinth Jewelry)
Item Price Done
hammered copper ankle cuff lodged with a multitude of small cambrinth arrows 62,500   !!
cambrinth bead-woven ankle strap depicting a bountiful wilderness scene 62,500   !!
serpentine anklet hung with jeweled cambrinth charms depicting the six elements 125,000   !!
twisted gold ankle cuff clasped with an intricately etched cambrinth flagon 125,000   !!
heavy gold anklet embossed with detailed cambrinth images of the Immortals 75,000   !!
delicate ankle bracelet hung with healing herb charms carved from cambrinth 93,750   !!
cambrinth anklet clasped with a rearing unicorn cut from a flawless diamond 187,500   !!
leather anklet woven with cambrinth stones forming the image of a raging river 62,500   !!
braided leather ankle bracelet strung with faceted cambrinth stones 62,500   !!
delicate platinum ankle cuff clasped with a jeweled cambrinth chalice 250,000   !!
linked cambrinth ankle bracelet hung with a jeweled black-enamel musical note 112,500   !!
In the padded walnut box (Tanning)
Item Price Done
ebony hide scraper set with a wild boar carved from white jade 6,250   
blackened silver hide scraper carved with a dancing fae 6,250   
hammered gold hide scraper with a diamond-studded handle 75,000   
brushed platinum hide scraper inlaid with a black-pearl raven 312,500   
polished copper hide scraper patterned with deep-blue sapphires 7,500   
razor-sharp hide scraper with a carved ivory handle 2,500   
twin-handled hide scraper inlaid with strips of faceted emeralds 8,750   
flamewood hide scraper with a ruby-inlaid handle 55,000   
oak hide scraper with a braided black-leather handle 2,625   
ornate silver hide scraper set with cabochon sunstones along the handle 10,000   
In the copper-banded wooden barrel (Alchemy)
Item Price Done
pale brown sandstone jar shaped like a walnut 6,250   !!
pale pink marble jar carved to resemble a scallop shell 6,250   !!
narrow green jade vial shaped like a piece of bamboo 31,250   !!
translucent carnelian jar carved to resemble a conch shell 31,250   !!
In the copper-banded wooden barrel (Alchemy)
Item Price Done
white marble jar with a carved amethyst jadice flower stopper 18,750   !!
smoky quartz jar with a leaf-shaped malachite stopper 18,750   !!
malachite and ivory jar carved to resemble a water lily 18,750   !!
quartz crystal jar with needle-like rutile inclusions 18,750   !!
In the long crate (Weapons)
Item Price Done
rough iron battle axe with a gnarled oak haft 6,250   
slate-bladed hand axe with a braided leather grip 6,250   
elegantly curved axe with carved gold veins in the haft 122,500   
In the straw-filled wooden barrel (Perfume)
Item Price Done
opalescent black glass flask - "Mysterious." 4,375   !!
twisted amber glass flask - "Sultry Desire." 4,375   !!
square-cut ruby glass flask - "Dark Bliss Cologne." 4,375   !!
delicate cobalt glass flask - "Innocence." 4,375   !!
In the leaf-filled oak barrel (Perfume)
Item Price Done
dainty cranberry glass vial - "Citrus Passion." 4,375   !!
cloudy jade glass vial - "Forest Passion Cologne." 4,375   !!
peridot-green fluted glass vial - "Bay Rum Cologne." 4,375   !!
bubbled sapphire glass vial - "Tropic Breeze." 4,375   !!
tiny citrine glass vial - "Summer Love." 4,375   !!