Bloody Barnacle

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Bloody Barnacle, Harbor Ships
Province Zoluren
Town Ilaya Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 112
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops, Pet shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Ilaya Taipa, Pier]
Blandly anonymous, as all such places are, the weathered boards of the pier creak underfoot. Heavy pilings on either side are lashed together by layers of tarred rope. You also see a purser's clerk, the water of the harbor below and the Bloody Barnacle moored beside the pier.
Obvious paths: south.

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Stock rotates when ship changes, usually 5 to 8 items at a time for sale

Item Price Done
a pearwood sleigh bed - [bed] 120,000   
a pencil-post cherry canopy bed - [bed] 120,000   
a twisting adderwood bed - [bed] 120,000   
a carved copperleaf bed - [bed] 120,000   
a an ewys willow bed - [bed] 120,000   
an arzumos skin upholstered loveseat - [bed] 150,000   
a velvet and leopard skin chaise - [bed] 40,000   
a red velvet saddleback sofa - [bed] 50,000   
a fan-backed wicker chair - (set of 4) 10,000   
a grey-cushion rattan basket chair - (set of 2) 75,000   
a blocky slatted oak armchair - (set of 2) 7,500   
a utilitarian butcher-block counter - [table] 120,000   
a curved-leg mahogany escritoire - [table] 230,000   
a wiry-haired tricolor puppy - [pet] 220,000   
a lop-eared chestnut puppy - [pet] 220,000   
a white and orange kitten - [pet] 210,000   
a long-haired grey kitten - [pet] 210,000   
a fluffy golden hamster - [pet] 160,000   
a pale grey mouse - [pet] 145,000   
a dull brown mouse - [pet] 145,000   
a dainty white mouse - [pet] 145,000   
a small white rat - [pet] 150,000   
a pale yellow canary - [pet] 160,000   
a long-tailed widow finch - [pet] 160,000   
a bright red strawberry finch - [pet] 160,000   
a blue-streaked white parakeet - [pet] 160,000   
a white-crested blue parakeet - [pet] 160,000   
a pale green parakeet - [pet] 150,000   
a golden-mantled rosella - [pet] 160,000