Another Man's Treasure (2)

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Another Man's Treasure
Event Feast of Eluned 2
Owner Ichthyo, Animoni
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Another Man's Treasure, Main Deck]
The deck has collapsed and is now lying in the battered hull, leaving only open sky overhead. Broken boards scar the floor, but paths have been blazed between crates under portholes that have survived whatever tragedy befell this once-noble ship. A fork in the path wanders off to an open archway in the facade of the wheel house, now leading into the lower bunk room. Gaps in the hull have been covered with rotting fishnets secured by frayed sail rope to keep the seagulls and other creatures out. You also see a tangled mass of nets with a salt-encrusted shell on it, an irregular doorway, a curtain of dessicated seaweed, an overturned bucket with some stuff on it, a broken shelf with some stuff on it, and a silver and gold sign.
Obvious paths: none.

On the mass of nets
Item Price Done
salt-encrusted shell 62,500   No
On the overturned bucket
Item Price Done
A notecard reads:
"These boxes contain two items which will change your life once you know what they are. Be sure to read the two items inside the box before you unwrap them!"
polished nacre-inlaid box - Contains: a seaweed-wrapped shell and a seaweed-wrapped shell 302,400   !!
A silver and gold sign reads:
The gold boxes are pocketed, but only contain boots. The silver boxes are unpocketed, but may contain shoes or sandals.
A small plaque reads:
"Read the shoeboxes, then OPEN it. Inside you will find a pair of boots like you have never seen."

On the broken shelf
Item Price Done
gold-wrapped shoebox - Winged Footwear 187,500   
silver-wrapped shoebox - Winged Footwear 187,500   !!

[Another Man's Treasure, Lower Bunk]
Being the home to all the sailors at the bottom of the pecking order, this room is very closet-like, yet has bunks for eight people. Each bunk is very slender, and the sailors barely had room to sleep on their sides. The eerie silhouette of a skeleton lies under a blanket on one of the middle bunks, its hand reaching slightly over the edge clutching something that has become barnacle-encrusted from many years in the sea. You also see a disfigured archway, a decaying hamper, a mangled claw-shaped hook with some stuff on it, and a salt-battered boot rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

In the decaying hamper
Item Price Done
paint-splattered artist's smock clasped with a broken shell 528   !!
stained dress with frayed embroidery around the hems 752   !!
filthy trousers with seaweed-lined pockets 467   No
dingy white shirt with sand-encrusted buttons 358   !!
On the claw-shaped hook
Item Price Done
rusted chain hip belt coated with a layer of brownish-green patina 1,092   No
ragged belt with a barnacle-covered buckle 528   No
On the boot rack
Item Price Done
salty boots with rotting fish scales stuck to the heels 953   No
muddy thin-soled slippers with reedy straps of braided seaweed 155   No
wormwood clogs riddled with dozens of tiny holes 405   No