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Paper Lion, Harbor Ships
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town Ilaya Taipa
Map Ranik's Map 112
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Tanning shops, Alchemy shops, Perfume shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Ilaya Taipa, Pier]
Blandly anonymous, as all such places are, the weathered boards of the pier creak underfoot. Heavy pilings on either side are lashed together by layers of tarred rope. You also see a velvet-lined wooden case, a wooden crate, a wooden crate, the water of the harbor below and the Paper Lion moored beside the pier.
Obvious paths: south.

In the damp moss-filled barrel (Housing)
Item Price Done
fluted clay planter 31,250   
moss-filled hanging basket 31,250   !!
pair of marble urns 31,250   !!
dark green windowboxes 31,250   
painted white windowboxes 31,250   !!
large terracotta planter 31,250   
On the slanted wooden stand (Housing)
Item Price Done
weathered cedar shutters 31,250   
painted red shutters 31,250   
oiled cedar shutters 31,250   
painted black shutters 31,250   
painted white shutters 31,250   
In the rough wooden display (Housing)
Item Price Done
crumbling brick chimney 31,250   
verdigris copper weathervane 31,250   !!
copper-roofed cupola 31,250   !!
lion's head door knocker 31,250   !!
In the sturdy wooden crate (Clothing)
Item Price Done
pair of closely laced ankle-high snakeskin moccasins with soft soles 1,625   
pair of ankle-high black pard skin moccasins with cross-gartered laces 1,625   
pair of soft ankle-high grey kidskin moccasins with crimson tassels 1,625   
In the sturdy wooden crate (Clothing)
Item Price Done
pair of knee-high tan suede moccasins with beaded porcupine quill fringe 2,125   
pair of knee-high silvery suede moccasins with contrasting blue tongues 2,125   
pair of knee-high grey rabbit fur moccasins with beaded blue fringe 2,125   
pair of knee-high oiled leather moccasins with brilliant scarlet laces 2,125   
In the satin-lined oak chest (Clothing)
Item Price Done
short black leather wrap skirt secured by polished brass buckles 1,875   
pale blue suede jacket embossed with a cascade of falling autumn leaves 1,562   
heavy leather jacket embossed with a spill of colorful painted stars 6,000   
snug knee-length leather skirt slit up the side 1,875   
dark green leggings 625   
In the varnished wooden box (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
square intarsia pendant with an abstract geometric pattern 31,250   
rectangular intarsia pendant depicting a waterfall in a forest 31,250   
round intarsia pendant with a stylized carnelian ship's wheel 31,250   
round intarsia pendant showing the sun shining over white-capped water 31,250   
In the velvet-lined jewelry box (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
delicate turquoise pendant of a woman silhouetted against the crest of the Empaths' guild 3,750   
oval pendant depicting a sinuous abalone sea drake in a lapis ocean 3,750   
carved jade pendant of a wild-haired giant's head 3,750   
carved onyx pendant of a cobra with flared hood 3,750   
carved coral cameo pendant depicting a female archer with drawn bow 3,750   
In the velvet-lined wooden box (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
striated malachite necklace with a carved amber sana'ati tree pendant 31,250   
gold-flecked lapis lazuli necklace with a brownish bone crescent moon pendant 31,250   
polished tiger's eye necklace with a gold-etched viper's fang pendant 31,250   
delicate pearl and amber necklace with a stylized gold wave pendant 31,250   
In the velvet-lined wooden box (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
shimmering moonstone necklace with a fluted silver wing pendant 87,500   
sparkling crystal-flecked onyx necklace with a jeweled compass rose pendant 31,250   
blue-violet iolite necklace with a silver north wind pendant 68,750   
deep amber necklace with a baroque pearl mermaid pendant 31,250   
In the velvet-lined wooden case (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
crudely carved bone ring set with an oval bloodstone 9,375   
faceted steel ring cradling a blood red enamel heart pierced by a black dagger 37,500   
verdigris copper ring shaped like a pair of clasped hands holding a heart 9,375   
heavy iron ring set with a pentagonal garnet 18,750   
In the velvet-lined wooden case (Jewelry)
Item Price Done
dainty gold ring set with colored gems around a rose quartz heart 62,500   
delicate silver ring set with colorful gems 31,250   
blackened silver ring set with colored gems around a central moonstone 28,125   
burnished copper ring set with an amber sun-in-glory 15,625   
burnished platinum ring set with a cabochon amethyst heart 125,000   
In the heavy oak crate (Tanning)
Item Price Done
carved-bone hide scraper 2,875   
thin-copper hide scraper 937   
granite hide scraper 1,500   
twin-handled hide scraper 1,625   !!
agate hide scraper 3,000   
fine-burred hide scraper 2,875   !!
quartz hide scraper 3,000   
forged-steel hide scraper 937   
rough-shell hide scraper 1,500   
bent-handled hide scraper 1,500   !!
In the wooden crate (Alchemy)
Item Price Done
hammered brass cauldron with an ornate wrought iron handle 2,000   
shallow brass jar 906   
wide brass jar 906   
polished bronze cauldron with an elaborately worked copper handle 4,375   
hammered brass jar 906   !!
In the wooden crate (Alchemy)
Item Price Done
shallow hammered brass bowl with fluted edges 1,875   
hammered brass vial inlaid with abstract enamel feathers 781   
oval brass bowl with dark green glazed enamel lining 1,875   
beaten brass vial with an ornately wrought lid 406   
colorful brass vial decorated with tessellated enamel stars 781   
deep hammered brass bowl with crimped enamel edges 1,875   
In the straw-filled wooden box (Perfume)
Item Price Done
crackled red stoneware flask - (The Way to a Man's Heart: Oranges and Chocolate Perfume) 4,375   
swirled grey stoneware flask - (The Way to a Man's Heart: Mocha Chocolate Perfume) 4,375   
marbled pink stoneware flask - (The Way to a Man's Heart: Chocolate Mint Perfume) 4,375   
glazed green stoneware flask - (The Way to a Man's Heart: Chocolate and Vanilla Perfume) 4,375   
speckled blue stoneware flask - (The Way to a Man's Heart: Cinnamon Chocolate Perfume) 4,375