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Class: galley
Look: the Kree'la
Rooms: 5
Captain: Gedu'hei
Fare: None
Route: Riverhaven
Extras: pirates

Disclaimer: The arrival time of the Kree'la is estimated and can be significantly off due to patrol conditions. The owners of the Kree'la can not be held responsible for being off in such estimations.

  • Plan on it being 1 hour earlier than the time specified on the schedule.


[The Kree'la, Main Deck]
The deck is split down the middle by an open pit, bracketed on each end by the two masts. The opening is more for ventilation for the rowers than for onlookers to look down on them, and rungs on each mast give access to the rower's pit. Aft, a set of stairs climb up to the pilot's deck and underneath are located the only two cabins aboard the galley. Rigging rises up to the masts, holding them in place, and a rope ladder ascends the forward mast. You also see a small door and a narrow door.
Ship paths: forward.

[The Kree'la, Captain's Cabin]
Although the captain is the only crew member to have a private space, this tiny cabin does not offer much in the way of comfort. A short bunk is built into the amidship's wall. The ship's log rests on a small writing desk and map tubes hang on the wall above. A sea chest sits under a little window on the aft wall while a lamp rests on a tiny shelf to shed a bit of light during the night. You also see a small door.
Ship paths: none.

  • Pirates will not enter this room.

[The Kree'la, Passenger Cabin]
Only a Gnome would call this cabin roomy, and that's if it wasn't shared with anyone. Two small bunks line the walls across from each other, framing a chest of drawers in the narrow space between them. If it wasn't for the tiny window in the aft wall, even a Dwarf would feel claustrophobic. A lantern hangs from a hook in the ceiling, ready to offer its meager light during the night hours. You also see a narrow door.
Ship paths: none.

[The Kree'la, Foredeck]
Low railings around the bow offer a precarious spot to relax while watching the waves and catching a breeze. Wooden bins hold ammunition for the mangonel which dominates the deck here. A bucket of gooey pitch provides a flammable coating for the projectiles fired from the weapon. A bucket of sand sits ready for any accidents that might happen with the handling of the fiery missiles. You also see a chain pile, a heavy crate and a dark barrel.
Ship paths: aft.

[The Kree'la, Pilot Deck]
Forward and center stands the ship's wheel, providing a good place for observation of all points on and around the galley. Benches line the starboard and port rails, offering semi-comfortable places to catch the breeze. On the stern sits a mangonel, ready to rain fiery death with tar-coated missiles on any who would pursue the brig. Stairs lead down to the main deck. You also see a tar bucket, a compass box, Captain Gedu'hei, a dark barrel, a heavy crate and a chain pile.
Ship paths: none.

  • Pirates will not enter this room.


  • Ship that carries passengers on a route between Riverhaven and Ratha.
  • Previously, this route was served by the Seerah, which was wrecked in a hurricane.
  • Gedu'hei is the ship's captain.
  • The Kree'la is a frequent target for pirates.

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