Halasa Selhin

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Halasa Selhin
Class: schooner
Rooms: 5
Captain: Cheile
Fare: None
Route: Ratha
Extras: Fishing Supplies

Travel Details

  • Departs from Uaro Dock in Ratha
  • The trip from Ratha to Pokekehekepi Beach takes approx. 30 minutes
  • Stays docked at Pokekehekepi Beach for ~ 8 minutes
  • The trip from Pokekehekepi Beach to Aesry takes ~ 40 minutes
  • Approximate trip time: 1 hr 15 minutes (one way)


[The Halasa Selhin, Forecastle]
The long sweep of the schooner's bowlines pass over the fore deck to anchor on the ship's jutting bowsprit. A martingale is draped neatly over the jibboom in case the Captain calls for the raising of the headsails and, fastened to a gunnel with a twist of twine, is a carved figurine of Eluned.
Ship paths: aft.

[The Halasa Selhin, Quarterdeck]
The foremast rises through the deck from its berth in the bowels of the ship to carry the crimson foresail. A brass fife rail, its row of belaying pins in place, encircles the mast and spare line for rigging lies in coiled stacks upon the salt-stained planks.
Ship paths: forward, aft, up.

[The Halasa Selhin, Rigging]
High above the deck amongst the crosstrees, the rigging creaks and groans under the strain of holding the ship's heavy canvas. Each flutter of the breeze sends the gaffs to swaying and your perch bobs along with them. Figure eight loops are fastened a few feet apart across the lines so that sailors can anchor themselves during heavy seas.
Ship paths: down.

[The Halasa Selhin, Main Deck]
After years of varnishing, the main deck of the Halasa Selhin glistens like a becalmed sea. Holding the crisp yards of her mainsail, the mainmast rises skyward to a dizzying height with the sweeping length of the boom spreading her canvas skirt to the wind. Brightly colored pennants flutter from the halyards. You also see a shelf of normal fishing line, a bucket of hooks, a barrel of fish bait and a barrel of fishing poles.
Ship paths: forward, aft.

[The Halasa Selhin, Aft Deck]
Oakum, used to caulk the planking of the deck, provides sure footing near the massive wheel of mahogany that guides the ship in front of the wind and waves. Reef points from the long boom are run around matching cleats and a marlinspike juts from a nearby railing, ready for a sailor to return to his splicing. You also see Captain Cheile and a massive wooden wheel.
Ship paths: forward.


It has three sails, forward, main, and aft.
You can check the sail status by looking at each one.
If the sails are damaged in a pirate attack you can repair them with a needle or bodkin and some thread to speed up ship travel.


  • Ship captained by Cheile.
  • Travels between Ratha and Aesry.
  • Makes a short stop at Pokekehekepi Beach.
  • The ship carries free fishing supplies to combat boredom on the long trip.