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Hollow Eve Festival 403 is a paid festival that was held in 2011.

  • Plat: October 21 - November 14 (21 Lirisa - 38 Uthmor)
  • Prime: October 28 - November 14 (9 Shorka - 38 Uthmor)
The festival is scheduled to close some time around the later end of Prime time, approximately 10-11 p.m. EST, give or take.
  • Fallen: November 11 - November 21

Official Description

Official event page

Captain's Log: Truffandu 14, Uthmor 402

Oh, hey! It's summertime and that means it's almost time to rake in those Dokoras! I can't wait to open up the spider this season. We've got so many more merchants all lined up that this year will be the biggest ever! That Cesiro fella' still asks for too much, but he DOES draw them in. Feh. Togs. Also, note to self: Self? You need to get a new Navigator! We go through them way too quickly! Maybe consider one that can actually make a left this time. Also: Need to fix up the ramp chains. Man, this thing takes a beating with all those tromping boots!

Captain's Log: Evandu 10, Moliko 402
The leaves are falling. Almost time! A few test runs with the spider and we'll head back to the Paasvadh Forest. Dokora, dokora, dokora! We'll be rolling in 'em! Oh, hey! Remember to make sure all the spiders are working. And we should probably get the blood cleaned up from the games last time. And remind the cleaning crew to make sure they check all the corners and behind all the machinery for any more loose teeth laying around. And and and... so much to do! Oi!

Captain's Log: Evandu 10, Skullcleaver 402

Man! Talk about your right turns! UGH! The right third leg just went and locked right up! Glarmencouplers and all! I think we might have warped a Flarmencrank, too. We spun around like a drunken ballerina! Actually, come to think of it, it might have looked awesome from the outside. I wonder if we could do that agai... Oh, wait. BAD IDEA! Nevermind. We'll be down at least a week fixing it, as it is! I TOLD them to watch out for the bloody hill, but NOOO. Stupid navigator. On the plus side, we've totally managed to get everything else taken care of! I even talked ol' Cesiro into footing the repair bills! Hah!

Captain's Log: Faeandu 34, Dolefaren 402
Oh, hey. "A week" means "a month" in Fix It language. But who cares? We're off! A few quick left turns and we'll be there!

Captains Log: Evandu 10, Akroeg 403
DOOM! Stupid yellow pool! Stupid Navigator! Stupid right turns! Crashed! We're crashed and burning and leaking! Rackensprockets everywhere! Glarmencouplers broken by the dozens! Spangleflanges zipping around like...zipping-around spangleflanges! The left fourth leg all jangled! We're unpacking the moth to go find help...

Captain's Log, Supplemental:
Glarmencouplers! How do they work?! I'm ruined! Stupid trolls and their stupid yellow stuff.

What will become of our intrepid Captain and his fearless crew? More importantly, what about all the stuff they're supposed to be hauling to Hollow Eve?!

Stay tuned!

Location and Map



Events and Gift

Gift: small eggsac which becomes a clockwork spider

Auction: The Prime auction was held on Saturday, November 12, at 9 p.m. The Plat auction was held on Saturday, November 5, at 9 p.m

Ship Raffle: Captain Kurmin raffled a ship called The Clockwork Shade. Drakosius won the raffle. (Every account that had purchased a ticket by the end of the festival was entered into the drawing.)

Tentative Merchant List

Abandoned Dragon

Acaph's Acquistions
Accents for the Arachnophile
Ahreusse's Atelier
Alimia's Ocarinas
All Aquiver
All Wound Up
Amulets by Liathe
Amylia's Attic
The Archivist
Armadillo Crush
Barbarian Paradise
Bare Necessities
Beastly Behavior
Behind the Mask
Below the Fold
A Bird in the Hand
Birds of a Feather
Bizarre Bazaar
Blanve's Bounty
Blood and Gourd
Blythe Spirits
Bobbing for Leeches
Boggle Blast
Bug Off
Chizelli's Charms
Clear Visions
Clip'n Dale's
The Clockwork Inquisition
Cloudwalker's Smoke Shop
Crafty Cloaks
Creature Comforts
Cuddly Creations
A Cultured Attire
Cultured Attire, Bone Elves
Cultured Attire, Celestial Elves
Cultured Attire, Forest Elves
Cultured Attire, Mountain Elves
Cultured Attire, River Elves
Cultured Attire, Sand Elves
Cultured Attire, Snow Elves
Cultured Attire, Wind Elves
Cute as a Button
The Cutting Edge
Dark Dalliance
Dark Defenders
Dark Delights
Dark Symphony
Darsam's Drifters
Death from Above
Diamond Deities
Dry Bones
Eagle Eye
Eclectic Eccentric
The Empathic Touch
Empty Settings
Eternal Moments
Eusti's Mix and Match
Everything in Moderation
Exaltation Tintinnabulum
Excess Baggage
The Eye of Power
Eye Spy
Fabric Fantasies

Faithful Defender
Famous Last Words
Fangs For The Memory
Farmer in the Dell
Farther Heavens
Findorslyth's Fortifiers
Fine Leathers by Sirit
The Finer Things
Fires of Autumn
Flower Power
Force of Habit
Frisky Portraits
Funny Bones
The Future is Now
A Game of Chicken
The Gear Shop
Gersvinda's Natural Studies
The Ghostly Galleria
Give 'em the Boot
The Glass Bubble
Grieving Grave
Guildly Pleasures
The Haunted House
Heavenly Entrances
Heikea Furniture
Herbal Bakery
Hero to Go
Hide and Silk
Holey Warez
Hollow Bellies
House of Bling
The House of Bones
Huffenclaw's Decadent Delights
Huffenclaw's Wondrous Wares
Hunka's Burning Love
Ilithian Heritage
I'll Eat My Hat
In The Hollow
Jhanine Dering Cloaks
Jhiskar's Provisions
The Joys of Noise
Just a Slice
Just Desserts
Krobble's Karavan
Lavender and Lace
Liquid Assets
Little Feets Adoption Center
Made for Walking
Mainspring MechanoWork
The Male Persuasion
Masquer Aid
Might Makes Right
Misenseor Goods
Mob Mentality
Mordim's Fun House
Musical Chairs of Doom
The Naked Sheep
Natural Selections
Nectar of the Wisp
Nest o' Snakes
Obscure Memories
Obscured Visions
Once Possessed
One Man's Trash
Outrageous Fortune

Packrat's Paradise
Peaceful Intentions
Photash School of Butlery
Pi'botuk Pel'arsharra
Pi'rasha's Pins
The Pit of Happiness
PrEcIouS DeLigHtS
The Pretty Pony
Puffindor's Professional Pieces
Puffindor's Tantalizing Taffy
The 'Punkin Hatch
A Quick Bite
Quiver In Fear
Ratchet Shack
Ravetherin's Fabulous Fruits
Ready to Were
Reinventing the Wheel
Relief in the Dark
Riding The Range
Rissan Roulette
Rizadi's Outfitters
Rugged Appeal
Saintly Skylights
Scarlett's Web Race
Schlorp's Brain Freeze
A Second Round
See the Light
Shenneshwi's Stockpile
Shimmers of Silver
Shugar's Cookie Emporium
Silken Garden
Silken Seams
Silly Silk Shop
Sindah's Silk Sensations
Slay It With Music
Smokes 'n' Spirits
Snacky Happiness
Snookie's Divine Spoons
Sollegarz's Leather Works
Something Fishy
Soulful Trinkets
Spikan's Sporrans
Spiraling Out of Control
The Stylish Stallion
Suite of Sweets
Sweet Thoughts
Tastelessly Tacky
Thee Mottl'd Teoy Shoppe
Thick as Thieves
This 'N' That
Tokens of the 13
Top Notch
Town and Country
The Toy Box
Treasures of the Spirit
Turialo's Haven
Under Lock and Key
Uwresari's Exotic Wonders
Visions of Holiness
A Walk on the Wild Side
Walk This Way
Wicked Windows
Witch Stitch is Which
Ye of Little Faith

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