Fine Leathers by Sirit

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Fine Leathers by Sirit
Festival Feast of Eluned 1
Owner Sirit
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Fine Leathers by Sirit, Main Room]
Perfectly tanned hide makes up the walls of this tent, lined along the inside with heavy cream colored cotton. Rows of fringed scarlet and gold knotwork festoon the entrance, and polished sandalwood tent poles are wrapped in giltworked and embossed suede. Little copper-tooled incense burners suspended from waxed silk cords send a gentle drift of musk across the room, blending pleasantly with the smell of leather. You also see a driftwood rack with some stuff on it, a low brass table with some stuff on it, a copper inlaid table with some stuff on it, a teak stand with some stuff on it, an ebony stand with some stuff on it, a light mahogany rack with some stuff on it and the tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the driftwood rack
Item Price Done
ornate dragon-patterned leathers 38,250   No
fitted soft rose leathers seamed with double rows of misty grey pearls 23,200   No
fitted cream-colored leathers seamed with double rows of black coral beads 19,687   No
elegant ebony leathers seamed with double rows of snow opals 40,406   No
elegant midnight blue leathers seamed with a row of scrimshaw beads 18,702   No
ornate scarab-patterned leathers 45,831   No
On the brass table
Item Price Done
quilted leather jerkin edged with pure white feathers stitched with ivory beads 81,125   No
quilted leather jerkin edged with vivid blue-green feathers and turquoise beads 82,787   No
quilted leather jerkin trimmed with deep scarlet feathers stitched in amber beads 84,375   No
On the inlaid table
Item Price Done
azure leather tunic overlaid with golden silk mesh 302,500   No
white leather tunic overlaid with misty silver mesh 268,687   No
wine leather tunic overlaid with gleaming copper mesh 202,500   No
On the teak stand
Item Price Done
black suede cloak edged with rows of crimson and blue shells 142,500   
deep violet suede cloak worked with silvery shells in a moon-and-star pattern 171,000   No
bleached suede cloak worked in rows of tiny black and white shells 158,250   No
sable leather burnoose lavishly trimmed with cowrie shells 302,118   No
On the ebony stand
Item Price Done
mist-grey leathers inset with a sun-and-moon design in copper and silver studs 99,820   No
gold-riveted battle leathers 130,816   No
black leathers seamed with twisted dark spirals of blued steel beads 87,218   No
sable leathers beaded across the chest in brilliant gold with a sunburst design 73,187   No
pure white leathers inset with a rampant lion worked in gold and copper beads 112,203   No
dark battle leathers with a quill-and-bearclaw chestpiece 23,437   No
On the mahogany rack
Item Price Done
soft grey reinforced leather vest with silver starfish buttons 35,000   No
cream reinforced leather vest embossed with leaping dolphins 40,125   No
silvery reinforced leather vest embossed with scarlet herons 40,125   No
deep brown reinforced leather vest with etched sharktooth fastenings 36,562   No