Alimia's Ocarinas

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Alimia's Ocarinas
Festival Hollow Eve Festival 396, Hollow Eve Festival 399, Hollow Eve Festival 403
Owner Alimia
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Music shops, Prydaen shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Main Room

[Alimia's Ocarinas, Main Room]
Polished brass lanterns splash warm light over creamy white walls bedecked with garlands of autumn leaves hung with dried apples and glittering musical notes. A sparkling glass counter nestles along the far wall, neatly tucked in between a pair of cushioned stools. You also see a gaily painted door and A VERY PROMINENT SIGN.
Obvious exits: north, east, south, west.


"Given my large inventory, I recommend that shoppers take great care when 
purchasing and make sure to specify which container (e.g. a pine shelf, an 
oak shelf, a mahogany shelf, a satinwood shelf, etc) holds the item they 
wish to order (for example: GET or BUY JADE OCARINA IN BASKET ON COUNTER).  
There will be no refunds for mistaken purchases, so please be very careful.

Sincerely, Alimia."

In the pine coffer on the counter
Item Price Done
ebonwood ocarina decorated with a hematite bear 338   
steel ocarina engraved with a stalking leopard 338   
copperwood ocarina ornamented with bloodstone lizard 766   
polished lunat ocarina carved to resemble guinea pig 4,823   
rat-shaped modwir ocarina with glittering garnet eyes 4,431   
dusky smokewood ocarina inlaid with a sparkling onyx bat 451   
In the wicker basket on the counter
Item Price Done
hand-carved mistwood ocarina decorated with a pair of crystal geese 789   
burnished silver ocarina adorned with a pink sapphire bunny 8,235   
rowan ocarina graced with a glimmering garnet falcon 4,431   
mahogany ocarina carved to resemble and snarling dog 338   
rosewood ocarina inlaid with a deep golden amber squirrel 10,267   
silverwillow ocarina set with a shimmering carnelian rabbit 451   
jade ocarina carved into the likeness of a frog 1,262   
silver ocarina inlaid with an luminous onyx lynx 6,185   

Brightly Lit Corner

[Alimia's Ocarinas, Brightly Lit Corner]
Dozens of slender white tapers, clustered on the corner shelf and silverwillow chest, perfume the air with the warm, spicy scent of vanilla. The sound of someone inexpertly testing one of the instruments can be heard coming from the main room of the shop.
Obvious exits: southeast, south, southwest.

On the corner shelf
Item Price Done
white pine ocarina splashed with irregularly shaped black spots 338   
abalone ocarina crafted to resemble a great horned owl 789   
brushed silver ocarina inset with an amethyst nightingale 7,261   
cypress ocarina adorned with a onyx-tipped mother-of-pearl albatross 1,691   
gleaming satinwood ocarina ornamented with a mother-of-pearl dove 2,537   
silverwillow ocarina set with a luminous golden beryl welkin 1,437   
On the silverwillow chest
Item Price Done
wiirwood ocarina inset with a white jade donkey 823   
magpie-shaped silverwillow ocarina with gleaming jasper eyes 395   
pearwood ocarina carved in the likeness of a snarling jackal 3,213   
wolverine-shaped black oak ocarina 225   
mongoose-shaped brass ocarina 541   
polished goldenoak ocarina adorned with a shimmering ruby phoenix 3,213   
polished golden ocarina etched with a coiled king snake 846   

Near Corner

[Alimia's Ocarinas, Near Corner]
Wreaths of dried apples leaves, festooned with amber and golden velvet ribbons, decorate the walls. Cinnamon-hued pillar candles dot the tall bookcase that is neatly fitted into the corner, spreading the warm spicy scent of freshly baked apple pie throughout this inviting nook.
Obvious exits: southwest, west, northwest.

In the pine bin in bookcase
Item Price Done
twisted gold and silver ocarina crafted to resemble the horn of a unicorn 4,510   
ebonwood ocarina carved to resemble a lithe panther 225   
flamewood ocarina carved to resemble a tabby cat-shaped set with glittering amber eyes 789   
boar-shaped alder ocarina set with a pair of glimmering garnet eyes 5,169   
gleaming mahogany ocarina inset with ivory and grey pearl dolphins 10,655   
blackwood ocarina engraved with the image of a sleeping wolf 338   
In the oak case in bookcase
Item Price Done
hand-carved fruitwood ocarina set with a wine-red jasper ram 1,342   
highly polished silver ocarina inlaid with a glittering sunstone lion 1,894   
carved obsidian scorpion-shaped ocarina set with glimmering bloodgem eyes 2,979   
steel ocarina adorned with an ox-shaped fire agate 225   
copperwood ocarina crafted in the likeness of an emerald-eyed cobra 225   
burnished platinum ocarina inlaid with a glittering onyx raven 22,550   
rosewood ocarina overlaid with delicately carved bronze wren feathers 395   

Far Corner

[Alimia's Ocarinas, Far Corner]
Flickering orange pillar candles in ornate wrought iron candlesticks send shadows across wispy webs of glittering white gauze draping one wall. A velvet-draped table is tucked into the far corner.
Obvious exits: north, northeast, northwest.

On the hollow gourde on the velvet-draped table
Item Price Done
polished ebonwood ocarina carved with a snarling badger 591   
lacewood ocarina adorned with glittering sapphire and amethyst butterflies 6,680   
black crow-shaped flamethorn ocarina set with onyx eyes 3,495   
On the copperwood cornucopia on the velvet-draped table
Item Price Done
bloodwood ocarina carved with the image of a flaming torch 395   
hematite ocarina inlaid with a trio of crossed silver lightning bolts 2,091   
flamewood ocarina carved with a pair of crossed broadswords resting atop a flaming anvil 395   
ironwood ocarina engraved with the emblem of a greatsword crossed over a spear 338   
steel ocarina adorned with a glittering moonstone sphere 2,875   
smokewood ocarina carved with the image of a whirlwind 395   
silver-leafed ocarina adorned with a crystal rimewolf 566   
carved sunstone ocarina etched with a trio of stacked bricks 5,073   
jade ocarina etched with the image of a tall ship 1,082   
ebony ocarina inlaid with an ivory dragons skull 591   
On the carved pumpkin on the velvet-draped table
Item Price Done
satinwood ocarina with a blue-gold leafed shariza symbol 6,680   
carved bone ocarina carved with an iladza symbol 591   
brushed gold ocarina etched with a faiyka symbol 7,441   
silver ocarina inlaid with an ebony triquetra symbol 1,285   

Dark Corner

[Alimia's Ocarinas, Dark Corner]
Sweetly scented bearberry candles flicker dimly from a darkly stained corner shelf. A small round table is wreathed in boughs of autumn leaves, and their musky fragrance blends with the aromatic pillar candles to create an enchanting perfume.
Obvious exits: northeast, east, southeast.

On the corner shelf
Item Price Done
viper-shaped black willow ocarina with gleaming emerald eyes 8,287   
fishtail oak ocarina inlaid with a black coral shark 225   
silver maple ocarina carved in the likeness of a striking adder 395   
goshawk-shaped steel-grey ocarina with a grey iolite mouth 1,736   
mistwood ocarina adorned with a weasel-shaped black opal 4,735   
heron-shaped blued-steel ocarina set with gleaming crystal eyes 676   
On the round table
Item Price Done
ebony ocarina carved with the image of a black widow spider 395   
ivory ocarina inlaid with a centaur-shaped chocolaty brown topaz 1,578   
matte-finished pewter ocarina molded into the likeness of a raccoon 338   
brass ocarina adorned with a sparkling topaz coyote 846   
marbled red and gold ocarina inlaid with a shrew-shaped cinnabar 225   
carved bone ocarina adorned with sardonyx vultures 1,268   
carved bone ocarina etched with a shrike 563