Diamond Deities (2)

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Diamond Deities
Event Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Diamond Deities, Showroom]
Velvet cloths in rich, dark tones of crimson, scarlet and maroon are draped over the pedestals that hold the merchant's wares. Light from candles with brass shields keeps the shop softly lit. You also see a large sign, a display table lined in black velvet with several things on it, a frosted crystal door and a Ticket Counter with several things on it.

A large sign reads:
The coins and pendants on the table were minted
in anticipation of the Hollow Eve festival.  Because
of the possibility of a mechanical breakdown of the
spider, the owner is not responsible for any
inaccuracy in the dates.  Thank you.
On the display table
Item Price Done
platinum commemorative pendant on a yellow ribbon 13,530   No
gold commemorative pendant on a red ribbon 11,275   No
silver commemorative pendant on a white ribbon 9,020   No
bronze commemorative pendant on a green ribbon 6,765   No
stamped platinum commemorative coin 13,530   No
stamped gold commemorative coin 11,275   No
stamped silver commemorative coin 9,020   
stamped bronze commemorative coin 6,765   No
On the crimson pedestal
Item Price Done
mother-of-pearl egg covered with a fine silver filigree 225,500   
On the scarlet pedestal
Item Price Done
ivory egg encircled by a gleaming platinum adder 225,500   
On the maroon pedestal
Item Price Done
carved silverwood egg painted in gold leaf 225,500   
On the Ticket Counter
Item Price Done
stamped bronze commemorative medal 75 Tickets   
stamped silver commemorative medal 100 Tickets   No
stamped gold commemorative medal 125 Tickets   No
stamped platinum commemorative medal 150 Tickets   No