Turialo's Haven (3)

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Turialo's Haven
Event Magma Falls Mini-Festival
Owner Turialo
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Hider shops, S'Kra Mur shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Turialo's Haven, Desert Dragon]
Wrapping around the caravan walls is a glittering mosaic of a flying dragon, rendered entirely in fire opals and rose quartz. Set in a pale blue sky over the desert landscape, the creature has its massive wings unfurled. The mouth is open and posed toward a rendition of the moon Katamba, as if about to swallow it or set it aflame. You also see the caravan door, a long sandstone counter with some stuff on it, a narrow cloak rack with some stuff on it, a flamewood wardrobe and a golden jewelry stand with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the sandstone counter
Item Price Done
A small note reads:
"These statues are designed to hold a single gem that weighs one stone."
small sandstone hawk with colorful outstretched wings - Becomes ?? 37,500   No
miniature crystal tower with several gem-shaped windows - Becomes ?? 75,000   
ivory unicorn statue - Becomes an ivory unicorn statue with its horn touching a gem 50,000   
tiny robed mage with one outstretched arm - Becomes ?? 37,500   
small golden cobra statue curled in looping coils - Becomes ?? 25,000   No
onyx panther-shaped statue with one lifted paw - Becomes ?? 31,250   
miniature flamewood dragon with an open mouth - Becomes ?? 25,000   

On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
dark grey cloak silkscreened with a repeating pattern of soaring eagles 50,000   
sand-colored samite cloak embroidered with the image of a hooded cobra 18,750   
elegantly shaded cloak of fine Musparan silk 25,000   
translucent chiffon cloak delicately stitched with silver desert roses 50,000   
white spidersilk cloak artfully stitched with the image of a golden dragon 62,500   
rough-spun brocade greatcloak with knotted fringe along the hem 25,000   !!
dark brown greatcloak made from coarsely woven yeehar wool 50,000   
sleeveless floor-length longcoat of ebon silk 37,500   

In the flamewood wardrobe
Item Price Done
golden velvet gown embroidered with a pattern of desert roses 37,500   
tan muslin gamantang dyed in a shimmering mirage pattern 18,750   
white satin gamantang artfully edged with black freshwater pearls 25,000   No
light grey brocade gamantang edged in rows of colored glass beads 15,000   
light blue cotton gamantang stenciled with large white clouds 12,500   
white spidersilk gown embroidered at the shoulder with a shining sun 62,500   
dark grey satin gown overlaid with a thin film of white netted lace 37,500   
short dress of raw silk dyed in an amaranth pattern 18,750   
finely woven ebon silk robe with flowing pleats along the back 25,000   
calf-length linen robe with layered sleeves 12,500   

On the jewelry stand
Item Price Done
A small note reads:
"These jewelry pieces are designed to hold gems that weigh one stone."
polished ivory armband crafted in the shape of two clasped hands 62,500   
animite bracelet etched with the image of a flying dragon - Becomes an animite bracelet with a gem set into its eye 1,500,000   
polished crystal anklet wrapped with a thin silver wire 37,500   
thin silver necklace strung with a teardrop pendant 25,000   
thin animite band prominently displaying an empty gem setting 250,000   
intricate gold ring etched with elemental symbols around an empty gem setting 87,500   
fine silver ring with blackened etchings surrounding an empty gem setting 18,750   
fine silver wire earcuff 12,500   

[Turialo's Haven, Desert Jewel]
Glittering on the east wall is a vibrant painting of the shining city of Muspar'i, surrounded by high walls and shrouded in twilight. A few stars twinkle above it, each one represented by a small diamond. The desert landscape stretches all around the town, giving the impression of a lone bastion of civilization in an otherwise endless expanse. You also see a waiting list, a small windowed door, a tailband stand with some stuff on it, a silver jewelry tree with some stuff on it and a bracelet rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the tailband stand
Item Price Done
black jade tailband elegantly carved with serpent scales 15,000   
platinum ru'at tailband carved with symbols resembling celestial sigils 50,000   
golden wedding tailband painted with a miniature S'Kra Mur handprint 31,250   
spun glass tailband decorated with rows of golden scarabs 10,000   
highly polished tailband tinted in shades of red and purple 18,750   
spiraling platinum tailband edged with a thin layer of polished onyx 43,750   
simple silver tailband studded with small four-pointed diamonds 22,500   

On the jewelry tree
Item Price Done
A small note reads:
"The pendant, lockets and necklace are designed to hold one stone each. The anklet, bracelet and armband are designed to hold five stones each."
large silver pendant shaped to resemble an open desert rose 22,500   !!
cat-shaped silver locket playfully batting at the empty air 31,250   !!
elegant gold locket crafted from ornate filigree resembling a stylized sun 31,250   
elegant platinum necklace with tiny sandstone beads set throughout its length 50,000   No
wide crystal anklet etched with cascading translucent waves 25,000   !!
heavy platinum bracelet etched along its length with blackened ivy 56,250   !!
wide glass armband with an empty gem socket 15,000   !!
On the bracelet rack
Item Price Done
white gold ru'at bracelet adorned with flowers carved from polished jade 37,500   No
wide iron bracer studded with bronzed viper fangs 10,000   
heavy gold bangles inlayed with lapis and bloodstone 25,000   No
elegant animite hand wristlet accented with golden chains 937,500   
fine copper wristcuff carefully scored with an image of a desert city 12,500   
thin bronze bangles enameled in bright blues 8,750   
crystal ru'at bracelet studded with sun-shaped topazes 18,750   
heavy steel bracelet inset with polished sandstone 25,000   

[Turialo's Haven, Desert Dunes]
Painted on the north and south walls of this roomy caravan is an expansive desert landscape, stretching out to purplish mountains at the horizon. A gaethzen orb set within a reddish globe represents the setting sun, small wisps of rose-tinted clouds surrounding it. Covering the floor is a thin layer of sand, and a small table is set out with some refreshing spring water. You also see a silverwood table with some stuff on it, a sand-hued wardrobe and a low sandstone bench with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the small table
Item Price Done
tall glass pitcher of fresh spring water 0   

On the silverwood table
Item Price Done
A small note reads:
"These pieces of jewelry have been refitted. The locket and pendant are designed to hold gems that weigh one stones. All others are designed to hold five stones."
golden cobra-shaped armband with its fangs bared in a hiss 62,500   
narrow silver bracelet with tiny crystals surrounding a gem setting 37,500   No
wide platinum anklet depicting a dragon grasping at an empty gem setting 75,000   !!
elegant silver torque decorated with thin scrollwork 37,500   !!
fine velvet choker set at the throat with an empty gem setting 25,000   !!
golden diamond-shaped locket with an empty gem socket 62,500   !!
silver claw-shaped pendant grasping at empty air 37,500   No

In the sand-hued wardrobe
Item Price Done
loose knee-length vest crafted from red wool 12,500   
loose white muslin tunic embroidered with desert roses 15,000   
gold-washed wheat linen tunic 11,250   No
cerulean silk tunic with bronze scales fitted along the shoulders 18,750   
flowing tunic of asymmetrically draped bronze-colored silk 31,250   
knee-length cobalt blue tunic stitched with an elaborate geometric pattern 25,000   
tawny wool tunic laced with dyed rawhide straps 10,000   
elegant dress of fiery raw silk with a diaphanous gold overlay 25,000   No
sleeveless robe held by a wide silk sash 31,250   

On the sandstone bench
Item Price Done
thick sienna belt clasped with a bronze serpent 125,000   !!
wide blackworked silk belt edged with golden lace 137,500   
golden silk head scarf embroidered with black flowers 68,750   !!
multihued head scarf woven with long beaded fringe 75,000   !!
vibrant red head scarf set with topaz beads 50,000   !!
voluminous stark white head scarf 43,750   !!
slim ebon silk turban adorned with a faceted sunstone 50,000   !!
silver head scarf edged in crystal raindrops 37,500   No
silk head wrap dyed in muted blue and green shades 43,750   !!
loosely folded head wrap of simple black linen 37,500   !!