Barbarian Paradise

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Barbarian Paradise
Event Hollow Eve Festival 392
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Barbarian shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Juggling shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Barbarian Paradise]
Heavy steel plates have been riveted together to form the walls of this cramped room. One corner displays a stuffed asaren celpeze, a humanoid skeleton hangs on the wall behind it. A banded-bronze door on iron hinges stands open to allow the carefree browsing of passing shoppers. You also see a white rack with some stuff on it and a large table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: none.

See Warpaint for information about using.

On the white rack
Item Price Done
Stock rotates
black widow stamp 225   
lion stamp 225   
scorpion stamp 225   
knuckle stamp 225   
vulture stamp 225   
boot stamp 225   
mongoose stamp 225   
goshawk stamp 225   
bones stamp 225   
heron stamp 225   
skull stamp 225   
jackal stamp 225   
On the large table
Item Price Done
A small vellum sign reads:

Items on this table will allow you to display two weapons in the specially designed frogs.

polished leather harness 2,706   
polished belt frog 2,255   
polished leather belt 3,608   
leather back harness 2,706   
polished leather raekhlo 3,382   
polished leather morawen 2,706   
On the asaren celpeze
Item Price Done
suede weapons belt with carved sana'ati panels 13,530   
black leather weapons belt crowded with scrimshaw scenes of the desert 4,510   
lizardskin weapons belt with etched silver plates depicting ritual battle 4,510   !!
leather weapons belt with cast bronze medallions depicting a single Barbarian defeating an army 4,510   
eelskin weapons belt with jade and silver mosaic panels 4,510   
On the hanging skeleton
Item Price Done
Stock rotates
beaded toebones 902   
metal-studded ulnas 1,578   
lead-wrapped kneecaps 1,804   
brass-tipped rib bones 2,706   
thick femurs fitted with iron banding 4,510   
bronze-inlaid pelvises 9,020   
carved shoulder blades 4,510   
heavy basilisk jawbones 18,040