Herb's Bakery

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Herb's Bakery
Event Hollow Eve Festival 403, Hollow Eve Festival 406
Owner Herb
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Container shops, Drink shops, Food shops, Herb shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Herb's Bakery]
Set up in the bottom end of what is supposed to be an air shaft, this tiny bakery offers barely enough room to turn around in -- although Herb, being a Gnome, seems comfortable enough. You also see a square brass grating, some small shelves with several things on it, a polished oak counter with a curving glass face, an upright oak case with a sliding glass lid and a gleaming oak pedestal with a square bottle of kirmhiro rum on it. Obvious exits: none.

On the small shelves
Item Price Done
pink lunchbox emblazoned with a frolicking kitten 135   
bronze-painted tin lunchbox surmounted by a toothy gear 1,353   
hammered copper lunchbox 5,637   
gold-plated lunchbox 95,837   
diamond-encrusted platinum lunchbox 1,240,250   
On the oak counter
Item Price Done
individual loaf of crusty hulnik bread 941   No
riolur shortbread cookie with lemon icing 818   No
blueberry and junliar tart with a custard center 853   No
thumbprint cookie filled with nuloe jelly 856   No
palm-sized jadice cake sweetened with honey 980   No
small loaf of spicy nemoih bread with rosemary and onions 760   No
triangular cebi puff-pastry layered with bacon and caramelized leeks 180   No
double-chocolate plovik brownie 813   No
jadice pollen sticky-bun with cinnamon and cardamom 830   No
square of qun pollen cornbread with a honey glaze 793   No
brambleberry genich pie with a sugar crumb shell 983   No
cheesy yelith puff-pastry flavored with tarragon 747   No
blocil berry scone 874   No
On the oak case
Item Price Done
cherry apple muljin jam 779   No
nilos spread with crunchy chopped celery and water chestnuts 931   No
creamy hisan porridge dotted with brown sugar 948   No
fresh lime and aloe yogurt 813   No
apple sufil sauce 869   No
fiery georin butter filled with hot peppers 880   No
light honey mead flavored with aevaes 916   No
fizzy blocil drink 872   No
strawberry-banana hulij smoothie 835   No
small bottle of ithor brandy 991   No
blueberry ojhenik kefir 966   No
dark lujeakave ale 934   No
milky eghmok drink with vanilla and nutmeg 721   No
On the oak pedestal
Item Price Done
square bottle of kirmhiro rum 75 Tickets   No