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Event Hollow Eve Festival 403
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Tweets, Salesroom]
Twitters, chirps and other sounds of songbirds flit through the air, floating through the air from the numerous gilded cages suspended from the ceiling. Painted murals depict deep forests and open meadows, ideal habitat for the trilling birds. Racks carved to resemble trees and shrubs stand on the deep green pile carpet spread over the floor. You also see a wooden door and a green table decorated with birds with several things on it.

In the cloak rack
Item Price Done
pale yellow worsted cloak 2,706   No
brown wool cloak 3,608   
black silk cloak 9,020   
charcoal-grey satin cloak 4,510   No
dark green felt cloak 1,804   No
indigo damask cloak 3,608   
crimson velvet cloak 4,961   No
In the tree-shaped rack
Item Price Done
blue brocade jacket 3,157   No
pearl-white velvet jacket 4,510   !!
vermillion wool coat 1,804   No
indigo damask jacket 3157   
On the shrub-shaped rack
Item Price Done
straw hat decorated with a stuffed wren 4,510   
straw hat decorated with a stuffed bluebird 4,510   
straw hat decorated with a stuffed cardinal 4,510   
On the green table
Item Price Done
peacock-blue silk pants 6,765   No
violet worsted pants 1,804   No
damask trousers patterned with birds 4,510   No
oceanmist satin pants dyed in shades of blue 451,000   No
doeskin trousers with tooled seams 22,550   No
white cut-velvet pants embellished with bird figures 45,100   No
cloth of gold pants with purple embroidery 90,200   No