Albarian Timeline (Gorbesh Imperial Age)

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Here, employing a style similar to his timeline of Kermoria, GM Cadaya describes the long history of the Albarian continent. It is of particular interest for those who wish to learn more about the Gorbesh and their interactions with the other peoples of the continent, including the Gnomes, Sharek, and Ocular. It is particularly useful in understanding the conditions which led to the Gorbesh War.

Here on Elanthipedia, this timeline has been broken into two parts: Albarian Timeline and Albarian Timeline (Gorbesh Imperial Age). The Elanthipedia also has other Timelines available.

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1384 --Xin'Alaudas declares himself Emperor
--Gorbesh Nation becomes an Empire
1383 --Xin'Alaudas is coronated
--Eimitek becomes the capital of the Empire
--Gaushi is given command of the military
1378 -- Northward expansion comes to a halt at "The Stormcrest Mountains"
-- Gaushi returns to Eimitek with disturbing news: the mountains are impassable
1375 -- Construction of Eimuetek is begun, to serve as the primary Port city of the Empire
-- Gaushi is commanded to expand the Empire westward
1374 -- Consolidation of the remainder of the Endian Nation begins
-- Thousands of Luethran Relics are brought back to Eimitek
1370 Gorbesh settlers flood the abandoned Luethran cities, inhabiting them
1368 -- Settlers come upon the City of the Dead
-- The City of the Dead is claimed by the Empire, and is renamed Ixaem
1367 -- Contact is lost with Ixaem
-- Gaushi is sent to investigate
1366 -- Gaushi returns to Eimitek, confirming that Ixaem is dead
-- The High Priests declare that the gods have condemned the region
1360 The Emperor commisions the construction of a massive temple, dedicated to his brother Xosiurion
1359 --Xin'Alaudas relinquishes the throne, then vanishes
--The High Priests declare Gaushi the new Emperor
--Gaushi is coronated
1355 --Eimuetek is completed
--Construction begins on "The Fist of Alaudas"
1354 --The Gorbesh settlements on the western frontier are attacked and subsequently sacked by an unknown enemy
--Emperor Gaushi sends General Iseum and his forces to investigate
1353 --General Iseum reports the existance of the Ocular to the Southwest, a blasted plain smothered in perpetual fog
--The High Priests advise the Emperor against going into the mists --"The Fist of Alaudas" is completed and launches from Eimuetek
--General Iseum is ordered back to Eimitek
1352 "The First of Alaudas" returns and confirms the existence of a series of islands in the north
1350 --Emperor Gaushi is assassinated by an Ocular
--Iseum ascends to the throne
--A Gnomic scholar translates an Ancient Luethran text detailing the existance of several island colonies
1350 The Fist of Alaudas embarks on a second voyage, in search of the Luethran island colonies
1349 --The Ocular drive the Bosueq Gnomes underground, claiming the surface as their own
--Tloticuc Gnomes declare themselves part of the Empire
--With no word heard from the Fist of Alaudas, it is presumed lost at sea.
1348 --Former Iyquromos tribe of Gnomes petitions the Emperor to protect the remaining Gnomic Tribes
--Emperor Iseum declares the Cip'uja and Opirks Gnomic tribes to be under the protection of the Empire, but lets them keep their independence
--"The Stormchaser" launches from Eimuetek, its mission is to map the Eastern Coastline
1347 --The Ocular attack the Opirks Gnomes
--The Gorbesh manage to drive the Ocular away from the Opirks
--General Negazi is given the task of conquering the Ocular
1346 The Stormchaser returns bearing news of a large stretch of land beyond the Stormcrest Mountains
1345 --General Negazi drives the Ocular back onto their own lands
--The High Priests caution the Emperor about entering the Ocular lands, he denounces them as cowards and orders Negazi to plunge his forces into the Wasteland
1343 --General Negazi inflicts a great number of losses upon the Ocular, but is forced to withdraw back into Gorbesh territory
--Fearing the reprisal of his Emperor, Negazi abandons his station and walks into the mists without his armor and sword
--The High Priests become more powerful with the shaming of the military
1340 --Emperor Iseum sacrifices himself to Xosiurion
--Lakiumos, High Priest of Tieheq, ascends to the throne
1339 --Emperor Lakiumos begins to fortify the Southwest reaches of the Empire to prevent another Ocular invasion
--The Emperor divides the Empire into four distinct regions and chooses four loyal High Priests to govern them -- the High Priests of Merion, Xosiurion, Misiumos, and Sraxaec.
1337 --Two Warships are sent to the Luethran islands of Pi'Qanah and Irasushen, they return only to report uninhabited islands with Luethran ruins
--A third Warship is sent to M'Riss - it never returns
1335 Gnomic inventors unveil their latest invention -- lift technology
1333 --The first lift is completed in the Tiebesh Fortress in the Stormcrest Mountains
--Emperor Lakiumos devises a formal name for the empire -- The Alaudian Empire
--The Emperor commissions the construction of a great Colossus statue of the Builder to overlooking the Lakiidas Sea
1325 --Soldiers from Tiebesh Fort discover a half-ruined city near a waterfall at the base of the northwestern White Mountains
-- Duevain, High Priest of Misiumos and governor of the North is sent to investigate
--Duevain reports the existence of a race of winged beings, the Shaerek
1324 --Emperor Lakiumos and the High Priests declare the beings "Winged Devils"
--High Priest Duevain is given the taks of conquering them and expanding the Empire
1320 --The forces under Duevain's command advance on Il'in Sius, the city of the Shaerek
--Duevain's forces are battered away by phenomenal winds that strike at them from the mountain heights. The High Priest is killed.
--Captain Zedjal leads the remaining Gorbesh soldiers back out of the mountains, and assumes command of the whole Northern Army taking the title of General
1319 --General Zedjal rallies the Northern Army against Emperor Lakiumos
--The other High Priests support Zedjal
--Lakiumos is deposed
--General Zedjal ascends to the throne
1318 --Emperor Zedjal removes the High Priests from their governorships and unifies them into a Council of High Priests in Eimitek
--The Emperor appoints Generals to govern the four provinces of the Empire, though almost all power is maintained in the capital
1310 --With the recent defeats to the Southwest and Northwest, Emperor Zedjal turns his attentions to the Sea
--"The Spears of Aniek," a Gorbesh Armada is built and launched from Eimuetek
--Ramedas is placed in command of the Spears
1307 --"The Spears of Aniek" locate and destroy the remaining Luethran colonists on M'Riss
--Ramedas is given the highest honor, "The Silver Fist"
1302 Gnomic inventors announce another new invention -- the Battle Sphere
1300 The Gorbesh Armada continues to map and explore the areas beyond the Lakiidas Sea
1295 --General Xesior reports skirmishes with the Ocular along the western border
--Emperor Zedjal commands Xesior to destroy the invaders
1294 General Xesior unleashes the Battle Spheres on the Ocular forces
1292 --After three years of fighting, Xesior finally contains the Ocular threat
--Emperor Zedjal commands him to invade the Ocular lands
1291 --General Xesior leads his army into the lands of the Ocular, but never returns
--The High Priests condemn Zedjal to death. The only dissent is the High Priestess of Aliesa.
--Ramedas is coronated as Emperor
1285 --Emepror Ramedas commisions the construction of a new Flagship
--Capital of the Empire is moved to Eimuetek
1282 The Emperor's Flagship, the Golden Dragon, is completed
1275 The Nireji Tribes are conquered by the Gorbesh, and absorbed into the Empire
1270 Fearing that the Empire is becoming soft, Ramedas orders his Flagship and four other warships to sail north along the coast in search of lands to conquer beyond the mountains
1269 --A hurricane blows the armada off course, sinking the Flagship and two others, leaving the remaining two to limp back into port
--Priests of Aniek declare the incident a sign from the Goddess, and place a ban on all sea travel
1250 --Emperor Ramedas dies of natural causes
--Gaishu ascends to the throne
--The Colossus of the Builder is completed
1225 --Emperor Gaishu dies of natural causes
--Nexior ascends to the throne
1180 --Gnomic inventors present their latest invention to the Emperor -- a balloon
--Emperor Nexior is kiilled in the test flight
--Zevalos ascends to the throne
1175 --Gorbesh surveyors report the discovery of a land bridge beyond the mountains
--The Emperor sends advance troops to scout the area
1170 Emperor Zevalos dispatches the Northern Army across the land bridge
1168 --The Northern Army encounters the first settlements in Adamantia
--The Adamantian Dwarves offer little resistance
1167 --Once the Northern Army is deep into the Adamantian lands, the Dwarves pour forth from behind, sealing the Northern Pass
--Emperor Zevalos sends the Imperial Army north to free the beseiged Northern Army
1166 The Northern Army constructs a fortress from which they can launch attacks and defend against the Adamantians
1159 --Emperor Zevalos dies of old age
--Zeij ascends to the throne
1158 Emperor Zeij recalls the Imperial Army, leaving the Northern Army to fend for themselves
1157 --General Goraes rallies his troops and smashes the Dwarven rear guard
--General Goraes marches on the Adamantian capital, HighHold
1156 --General Goraes lays seige to HighHold with the remainder of the Northern Army
--Goraes requests additional troops, but the request is denied
1150 --General Eados leads half of the Western Army north to reinforce and resupply his brother
--Emperor Zeij declares those troops rebels and sends half of the Imperial Army to intercept them
1149 --The Imperial Army meets the Western forces headed north, and joins with them
--With General Goraes' Northern Army getting the much needed supplies, the seige continues
1148 --A frantic and raving Zeij commands the remainder of the Gorbesh Armies northward with the order to crush the traitors who have laid seige to HighHold
--The Council of High Priests declare Zeij unfit to rule, the Generals support their claim
--Zeij is executed
--The High Priests coronate Goraes the new Emperor; he remains with his troops at the seige of HighHold
1142 --Emperor Goraes dies during the seige
--General Eados ascends to the throne, and returns to Eimuetek
1111 --Dougan Stonecleft, King of Adamantia, is killed during an assault on the beseiging Gorbesh Army
--Calcine Hammerfell becomes King of Adamantia
1101 --Under the leadership of Hammerfell, the seige on HighHold is broken
--The remaining Gorbesh Army retreats back into Albaria
--Eados is declared weak by the High Priests, who decree it is the will of the Gods that he surrender the throne
--Eados is sacrificed to Xosiurion
--Xosiz ascends to the throne
1050 --Emperor Xosiz dies of old age
--Quiemos ascends to the throne
995 --Emperor Quimos dies of natural causes
--Neiras ascends to the throne
990 --Emperor Neiras convinces the Priests of Aniek to lift the ban on sea travel
--The Emperor commissions the construction of a new armada
984 --The new Armada is completed and launched from Eimuetek
--A single warship, the Bloody Storm, is sent to the largest island to the northeast
980 The Bloody Storm returns with tales of "lizards that walk," and a massive city built into the side of a hill
977 --The Armada is sent to conquer the lizards
--First engagement with the Fangs of Ushnish, the S'Kra navy
976 The conflict with the Reshalians ends in a stalemate
970 --Emperor Neiras dies of natural causes
--Goraesh ascends to the throne
969 --Emperor Goraesh moves the capital back to Eimitek
--The second engagement between the Gorbesh Armada and the Fangs of Ushnish
965 In the final battle of the conflict, the Gorbesh inflict heavy damage, but there is no clearly decisive victor in the overall war
961 --Emperor Goraesh is assassinated by an Ocular
--Raimox ascends to the throne
--The Western Army is placed on high alert
940 --Third engagement between the Gorbesh Armada and the Fangs of Ushnish begins
931 --The Fangs of Ushnish fleet is decimated due to Admiral Xileix's brilliant strategies
--Xileix is awarded the Silver Fist
900 --Emperor Raimox dies of old age
--Xileix ascends to the throne
890 --Emperor Xileix dies of old age
--Bimuet ascends to the throne
846 --The Blood Worm Comet appears in the skies, Gnomic Prophets within the Empire declare it a good sign from the Gods
--An aged Emperor Bimuet sends the Northern Army against the Shaerek, and the Western Army against the Ocular
845 The Northern Army led by Geishon is once again repulsed by the White Wind
842 The Western Army led by Ceitek disappears into the Mists of the Ocular
840 --General Ceitek and his Western Army emerge from within the mists, proclaiming that the Ocular are no more
--General Ceitek is awarded the Silver Fist
839 --Emperor Bimuet dies of old age
--General Ceitek ascends to the throne
835 All four provincial Generals are replaced with members of Emperor Ceitek's personal guard
820 --The High Priests of Xosiurion, Sraxaec, Aliesa, and Merion are killed when a palace wall collapses
--The High Priest of Sieben is elevated to High Priest of Xosiurion. The others are replaced with Priests loyal to the Emperor
800 --Emperor Ceitek commands the Western Army to unfortify the Western border; with the Ocular gone, there is no need for such defenses
--An New Age is declared by Emperor Ceitek; the High Priests proclaim him Xin'Alaudas reborn
798 --Emperor Ceitek dissolves the Council of High Priests
--Civil unrest begins to spread throughout the Empire
786 -- Keivox , former High Priest of Orisas, attempts to assassinate the Emperor; he delivers a mortal wound to Ceitek before being killed himself
--Emperor Ceitek appears the day afterwards fully healed, and as word reaches the populace, they begin to believe he is Xin'Alaudas reborn
780 --A strange ship is sighted in the waters of the Lakiidas Sea
--Several ships are sent to investigate, but there is no success in catching the unknown ship
779 --A vast Armada flying the banner of a silver clenched fist on a black field sails into Eimuetek, blockading the harbor
--Hundreds of Gorbesh troops overrun the now small Imperial Army, seizing Eimuetek
--General Iluaja, leader of the troops denounces Ceitek as a false prophet
776 --A small Gorbesh force under the command of General Iluaja begins marching on Eimitek
--Emperor Ceitek orders the Generals to strike at the invading army, but Gorbesh has never fought Gorbesh before, so they delay, waiting for a sign from the Gods
775 --Hearing that the Generals are awaiting a sign from the Gods, General Iluaja dispatches the High Priests of Eimeuz and Misiumos to parlay with them
--The Generals join with General Iluaja
773 --A combined Gorbesh Army under the command of Iluaja beseiges Eimitek, promising to spare the citizens if Ceitek is handed over
--The inhabitants of Eimitek hand over Ceitek
--Emperor Ceitek is beheaded, and exposed as an Ocular
772 --Hordes of Ocular flow into the Empire from the unfortified southwest, slaughtering several villages
--Iluaja meets the Ocular with his army
763 --The Ocular suffer a brutal defeat south of Avaev; they begin to be pushed back
750 --The Ocular are driven back into their territory
748 --General Iluaja reestablishes the Council of High Priests
--General Iluaja is offered the throne, but declines
--General Seivox ascends to the throne, with Iluaja's blessing
747 --General Iluaja and his forces leave Eimitek and settle in the West
--Emperor Seivox declares that from this point forth, no Gorbesh shall ever take up arms against another Gorbesh
746 A new wall is built surround the Mist Region of the Ocular
670 --Emperor Seivox dies of old age
--General Fuahl ascends to the throne
630 --Emperor Fuahl dies of natural causes
--General Ixas ascends to the throne
580 --Emperor Ixas dies of old age
--General Mirek ascends to the throne
530 --Emperor Mirek dies of natural causes
--General Namuek ascends to the throne
480 --Emperor Namuek dies of natural causes
--General Duviihl ascends to the throne
450 A Gorbesh warship is blown way off course by a hurricane, it returns after several months with reports of ships flying banners with a seven pointed star upon them
445 A Gorbesh Armada is dispatched north to seek and destroy all ships flying the banner with a seven pointed star
442 The Gorbesh Armada and the Imperial Fleet have several encounters; the Armada is successful in almost all of them
435 The Gorbesh Armade begins raiding the Coasts of Kermoria
433 The first major engagement between the Gorbesh Armada and the Seven Star Imperial Fleet takes place
432 The Gorbesh Armada cripples the Kermorian fleet
431 Unchecked by a now ruined Seven Star Imperial Fleet, the Gorbesh Armada is free to roam the sea lanes
428 Gorbesh troops under the command of Admiral Xireshi land just north of the Elven city of Leth Deriel
426 Admiral Xireshi battles the Sevan Star Army near Mir'Kazeril; the Kermorians are surprised, and beatenoccupies the Imperial City of Darkstone (Editor's note: though a clear copyediting error, this is verbatim from the original post )
424 Soldiers from Throne City, Darkstone, Mir'Kazeril, and Riverhaven overtake the Gorbesh army; they battle
422 Even with their home turf advantage, the Kermorians begin to suffer heavy casualties as the Gorbesh press harder
421 Seven Star Emperor Frendollur ambushes the Gorbesh with his united army -- reinforcements strike from Northern Therengia and Leth Deriel, pincering Xireshi's force
The Gorbesh are driven back to the coast
418 The Gorbesh occupy the Imperial City of Darkstone
415 Emperor Vithwok of Kermoria leads an assault to retake Darkstone; the Gorbesh are victorious
411 --Gnomic prophets decree that the Bloodworm Comet will soon fill the skies again
--Admiral Xireshi is ordered to return to Albaria will all haste, withdrawing from Darkstone
--Emperor Duviihl dispatches the Northern Army to conquer the Shaerek
407 --The Northern Army marches all the way to the gate of Il'in Suis, encountering no White Wind
--General Namiven declares the Shaerek extinct
406 Gnomic Prophets and Priests declare a year long Festival, to celebrate the defeat of an Ancient enemy
405 --Upon his return, Admiral Xireshi is ordered to conquer the Ocular in the Southwest
--Xireshi reminds the Emperor of what happened last time an army was sent into the mists, and the campaign is called off
400 --Emperor Duviihl dies of old age
--General Namiven ascends to the throne
395 --Gnomic Prophets advise the Emperor that now is a good time to reclaim the City of the Dead
--The Emperor orders an aging Admiral Xireshi to seek out and claim the City of the Dead for the Empire
392 --Admiral Xireshi dies of old age
--The Council of High Priests declare the death a bad omen from the Gods, and the Emperor recalls the forces of Admiral Xireshi
375 --Emperor Namiven dies of old age
--General Duvac ascends to the throne
330 --Emperor Duvac dies of old age
--General Kiija ascends to the throne
285 --Emperor Kiija dies of old age
--General Deishi ascends to the throne
250 --Emperor Deishi dies of natural causes
--General Risik ascends to the throne
210 --Emperor Risik dies of old age
--General Oren ascends to the throne
190 --Emperor Oren dies of natural causes
--General Zeiben ascends to the throne
160 --Emperor Zeiben dies of natural causes
--General Elmevos ascends to the throne
158 A northern Imperial outpost reports scores of Dwarves fleeing southward out of Adamantia
157 --The Northern Army engages in battle with the Adamantians
--The Dwarves are defeated; most die, the remainder are taken back to the Imperial cities
156 --Patrols along the northern Alaudian border report seeing a 'land of living death' stretching southward toward Adamantia and HighHold
--Emperor Elmevos sends several High Priests north to investigate the sightings
155 --The High Priests are able to stem the tide of the Dark Hand
--Dozens of scouts are sent into the now dark and blackened land, none return
150 --Emperor Elmevos dies of natural causes
--General Xosiun ascends to the throne
149 --Concerned over the Dark Hand across the bridge to the north, and the dangers that might lie within, Emperor Xosiun calls for an elite military force to be created
--The Outriders are established
120 --Emperor Xosiun dies of natural causes
--General Gotiez ascends to the throne
100 --Many Gorbesh in the West begin to feel they have lost their roots, and begin calling for a return to nature
--Prelate Duveus serves as their voice
95 --Emperor Gotiez begins to grow suspicious of those now calling themselves Kaldar, fearing the growing support of their teachings
--Prelate Duveus is invited to Eimitek
90 --Emperor Gotiez and Prelate Duveus negotiate a peace settlement, establishing a portion of the Western province of the Empire as now belonging to the Kaldar
--The Kaldar are charged with defense against the Ocular
87 --Emperor Gotiez dies of old age
--General Xivuehl ascends to the throne
80 --The Great Schism occurs
--Hundreds of Gorbesh leave the cities and flood into the Western lands to join the Kaldar
78 Duveus relinquishes his title as Prelate, takes the title of Elder
70 Elder Duveus dies under suspicious circumstances, with evidence pointing to the Ocular
66 --The Kaldar mount an offensive against the Ocular, seeking revenge for the death of Elder Duveus
--Chief Oraus drives the Ocular out of what once was the Bosueq lands, reclaiming it for the tribe of Gnomes
--The Bosueq, having lived underground for so long, refuse to return to the surface
50 --Emperor Xivuehl dies of old age
--General Kanasa ascends to the throne
10 --Emperor Kanasa dies of natural causes
--General Oriiv ascends to the throne

The Gorbesh Imperial Age, After the Victory of Lanival in Kermoria

43 Emperor Oriiv dies of old age
General Alaurek ascends to the throne
60 A ship carrying missionaries from Kermoria is spotted in the waters of the Lakiivas Sea
The missionaries are brought before the Emperor in Eimitek
All but Akrian Dein are put to death. Dein, an elf, is imprisoned
70 After 10 years of imprisonment, Akrian Dein is brought before the Emperor once again
Emperor Alaurek banishes him to the West
73 After wandering for three years, Akrian Dein is taken in by Elder Tleirek, and begins to teach his children the ways of the Thirteen
80 Akrian Dein begins to lecture to the masses on the "Ways of the Thirteen"
100 Emperor Alaurek dies of old age
General Kaus ascends to the throne
113 Dein writes a book called the "Legacy of Lanival"
Some of the Kaldar take the book to heart, believing Lanival is Xin'Alaudas
145 Emperor Kaus dies of natural causes
General Caedus ascends to the throne
146 The 'Legacy of Lanival' begins to spread over the Empire
150 The Council of High Priests advises the Emperor to crush the heretic elf in the West; he dismisses their advice
159 Emperor Caedus' daughter declares herself a follower of the Thirteen, causing the Emperor to be shamed
160 To restore his popularity, Emperor Caedus demands the Kaldar turn over Akrian Dein
The Kaldar tribes refuse
161 The Imperial Army is sent to apprehend Dein; to protect the Kaldar, he submits quietly
Akrian Dein is proclaimed a heretic by the Gnomic Prophets and the High Priest of Xosiurion, and is thus sacrificed to appease the God
165 A monument to Akrian Dein is constructed in the West
200 Emperor Caedus dies of old age
General Miulek ascends to the throne
205 Emperor Miulek begins to persecute those within the Empire who have begun following the Thirteen
All of Dein's books and records are seized from the Kaldar and destroyed
All materials associated with the Thirteen'and the "Legacy of Lanival" are gathered up and destroyed
206 The monument of Akrian Dein is smashed to rubble
207 Emperor Miulek is assassinated by a Kaldaran
General Tarion ascends to the throne
208 Emperor Tarion declares war on the Kaldar in the West, but before any combat begins the Council of High Priests remind the Emperor of Seivox's decree that no Gorbesh shall take up arms against another in warlike fashion
Though there are no battles fought, the declaration causes animosity between the two philosophies to rise
250 Emperor Tarion dies of old age
General Faek ascends to the throne
300 The tension between the Gorbesh and the Kaldar comes to a head with several small skirmishes along the Central-Western border of the Empire
A warship returns from the northeast bearing news that the Seven-Star Empire has fallen, and in its place are provinces ripe for the taking
The Council of High Priests urge the Emperor to strike
Emperor Faek declares war on Kermoria in an attempt to unite the Alaudian Empire under one cause
304 Outriders along with several Kaldaran Elders are sent into the Dark Hand to ascertain if it is crossable
305 The Outriders and Elders return confirming a dangerous, but managable passage through the Dark Hand
306 Emperor Faek commisions the construction of several massive warships, and names them the Spears of Aniek in an attempt to reawaken the old battle frenzy in his people
310 The Spears of Aniek are completed in Eimuetek, but are not launched
312 Emperor Faek dies of old age
General Knuaja ascends to the throne
315 Emperor Knuaja commands the Northern and Imperial Armies north, through the Dark Hand
The Spears of Aniek remain idle in Eimuetek harbor
317 The Northern and Imperial Army under the command of General Alaushi continue their perilous journey across the Dark Hand, eventually reaching the ruins of HighHold
General Alaushi digs in at HighHold, claiming the lands for the Empire
320 Emperor Knuaja is assassinated by an Ocular
General Giesa ascends to the throne
321 Emperor Giesa commands the Kaldaran Western Army to attack the Ocular with whatever means necessary
Several Gnomic prophets decree there are bad omens, and the campaign is called off
The Ocular pour forth from out of the wasteland, retaking the lands above the Bosueq Gnomes
323 The Gorbesh and Kaldar engage the Ocular in battle
326 With the Mists having reclaimed Bosueq land, the Gorbesh are unable to dislodge the Ocular
329 The Spears of Aniek are ordered to sail with all haste into the Reshalia Sea, and take command of the sea lanes, cutting off the mainland from the islands
340 Emperor Giesa is reminded of the Northern and Imperial Armies dug in at HighHold
342 The Emperor orders the Northern Armies to proceed northward further into Kermoria, but to remain undetected, and to engage no one
347 The Gorbesh Northern and Imperial Armies begin to disperse throughout Kermoria, taking up flanking positions around many of the prominant cities
353 With all his troops in place, Emperor Giesa gives the command to crush the Five Provinces
354 The Second Gorbesh-Kermorian War begins
Zoluren's jadeite and kyanite sources are destroyed
The Gorbesh forces capture a Bardess named Wren
Gnomic Prophets in the invasion force quickly send word to the Emperor in Eimitek about her
355 Emperor Giesa recalls the Gorbesh invasion force back to Albaria
356 Kaldaran Elders return to their people in the West with knowledge of how to pass the Dark Hand
They begin preperations for a mass migration when Prophets speak of Xin'Alaudas returned
357 The Kaldar and Gnomic refugees arrive in the Five Provinces