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This page is full of simplified entries from the timelines.


The Alaudian Empire of Albaria was initially formed by the Hero Xin'Alaudas, who united the three major Tribes of Lakixeq, Beuven, and Ilat by taking control of the first and uniting the other two. All remaining tribes excepting one followed suit at the time.


Entries without dates do not have a known date.
  • Xin'Alaudas, born to an unknown Gorbesh tribe, was set into the Lakiidas Sea and returns many years later to the Albarian mainland, alone in a massive ship.
  • Gorbesh prophets claim Xin'Alaudas is a hero, fulfilling ancient prophecies.
  • Xin'Alaudas takes control of the Lakixeq tribe with the support of the Prophets.
  • The Beuven and Ilat tribes are unified under Xin'Alaudas
  • The Gorbesh, dwelling in the forests of central-eastern Albaria, begin constructing cities.
  • Leaders of the Gorbesh meet with the leaders of the Iyqaromos Gnomes in the Gorbesh city Eimitek, resulting in the signing of a new treaty
  • The Iyqaromos Gnomes migrate to the Gorbesh cities, integrating themselves into its society; the Iyqaromos land becomes Gorbesh land.
  • The Gorbesh begin expanding their territory.
  • The Luethras and Gorbesh have a few minor skirmishes.
  • The Luethra-Gorbesh War begins.
  • The Gorbesh and Luethra battle near New Albbabridlaen.
  • The Azhjam is slain by Xin'Alaudas while attempting to flee the field.
  • New Albbabridlaen falls to the Gorbesh.
  • 1385 BL - Last remnants of Endian Nation are defeated by the Gorbesh.

Gorbesh Imperial Age

  • 1384-1355 - The Gorbesh spread into the Leuthra lands and construct monuments and rename cities.
  • 1354-1340 - The Gorbesh engage in multiple battles against the Ocular. Gnomes discover existence of northern islands and scouts attempt to locate them.

The beginnings of the Kaldar

  • 95-90 - Gorbesh Emperor Gotiez grows suspicious of Kaldar and accuses them of supporting the Ocular.
  • 87 - Gotiez dies.
  • 80 - The Great Schism occurs and many Gorbesh flee to join the Kaldar.
  • 60 - Akrian Dein arrives in Albaria.

The Kaldaran Migration

  • 304 - Outriders along with several Kaldaran Elders are sent into the Dark Hand to ascertain if it is crossable.
  • 305 - The Outriders and Elders return confirming a dangerous, but manageable passage through the Dark Hand.
  • 315-355 - The Gorbesh invade north through the Dark Hand and the Reshalia Sea.
  • 356 - Kaldaran Elders return to their people in the West with knowledge of how to pass the Dark Hand.
  • 357 - The Kaldar and Gnomic refugees arrive in the Five Provinces.

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