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The Bosueq are a group of Albarian Gnomes who were influenced by the Cip'uja society, adopting their governmental structure during the Luethran Third Age. They later recieved emissaries from the Cip'uja, encouraging them to join the Endian Nation.

The Luethran Fourth Age was a troublesome period for the Bosueq, along with the Cip'uja and Opirks, who were placed under restrictions when the Rasman Sect gained control over the Endian Nation. When the Royalist faction arose in New Albabriddlaen, the Bosueq along with the Opirks began to distance themselves from the Luethra.

In 1349 BL, the Bosueq are driven underground by the Ocular.

After nearly thirteen centuries of living underground, the Bosueq declare they will not return to the surface. The year is 66 BL. In 321 AV, the mists and Ocular overtake the surface lands of the Bosueq and the Gorbesh are unable to dislodge them.