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Unlike their kin, the Sruhos va Tlo'oe and the Iyqaromos, the Cip'uja Gnomes closely aligned themselves with the emergent Endian Nation of Luethrans, joining the nation. They modeled their government after the Endian style: a King along side the Renz'par Council.

During the Luethran Third Age, the Cip'uja governmental system spread to the Opirks and Tloticuc gnomes. Emissaries were also sent to the Bosueq and Tloticuc, entreating them to join the Endian Nation. In this period, gnomic inventors developed light gems, and the astronomer Giblor invented the telescope.

The Luethran Fourth Age was a troublesome period for the Cip'uja, along with the Bosueq and Opirks, who were placed under restrictions when the Rasman Sect gained control over the Endian Nation. However, unlike their kin, the Bosueq and Opirks, when the Royalist faction arose to oppose the Rasman Sect, the Cip'uja sided with the Royalists.

In 1348 the Cip'uja and the Opirks are decreed as independent members of the Gorbesh Empire.