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Avaev, a Luethra city also known as the Waterfall City, was built during the Luethra Golden Age, commemorating peace and trade with the Shaerek. It became the center of the Endian Nation, populated by Luethra, Gnomes, and Shaerek.

The city became even more cosmopolitan when Siyasartu Jelonci, of the Nireji, moved to the city and established a building school. Avaev increased in prosperity, when aqueducts reached the city from New Albabriddlaen.

However, during the Luethra Civil War, the city was nearly destroyed in the fighting, despite the attempts of a combined Nireji-Gnomic-Shaerekian defense. The last mention of the city was in the Gorbesh Imperial Records, as the site of a major Ocular defeat in 763 BL.