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Status: Dead
Race: Gorbesh
Gender: Male

Xin'Alaudas is the legendary God-Emperor of the Gorbesh peoples. He led them agaist the Luethrans and their Endian civilization, eventually overcoming them and leading to the rise of the Empire that now covers virtually all of Albaria.

According to legend, he fought Xosiurion for 36 days before Xin'Alaudas won and they swore blood-brotherhood with each other. He declared himself Emperor in 1384 BL, and was coronated in 1383 BL. Under his rule, Eimitek became the Empire's Capital, Eimuetek was built as the chief port, the City of the Dead was claimed, and a massive temple to Xosiurion was founded. In 1359 he abdicated from the throne and disappeared.

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