Empire of the Seven Pointed Star

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Empire of the Seven Pointed Star (908 BL - 230 BL)

Birth of the Empire

The Empire of the Seven Pointed Star was a single government for all the races and most of known Elanthian lands that reigned for nearly 700 years (908 BL - 230 BL). The Empire was made possible by the Chieftan of the Ram Clan, Akroeg the Ram, who conquered and united most of the known lands under the banner of the Ram Clan. After Akroeg's death, his son Verek became the Chieftan and turned the unity of the Ram Clan into the Seven Starred Empire. Verek became the Empire's first emperor.

Ferdahl Thaerine Plaintale entered the Elotheans into the Empire.

Capital, Throne City

For most of the Empire's existance its capital was Throne City, located in current-day Therengia on the Faldesu River north of Dirge.

Famous Constructions of the Empire

901BL - Throne City
884BL - Imperial Academy

Death of the Empire

In 280 BL a period known as the Kin Strife begins. The races begin fighting and unity begins dissolving. In 246 BL the last emperor, a Gor'Tog boy named Vithwok IV, takes the throne and is quickly usurped by his regent Selyan. Throne City is conquered by the armies of the Elven Lord Teiro in 239 BL. Lanival joins the fight in what becomes known as the Resistance War. When the war ends the lands of the Empire are divided into the Five Provinces we know today: Zoluren (tr: First Land), Therengia, Ilithi, Qi'Reshalia, and Forfedhdar. A short 30 years later the Dragon Priests, led by Dzree, will begin the Dragon Priest War and conquer the Five Provinces.

A Brief Timeline of the Empire

  • 908BL - Empire Founded
  • 901BL - Throne City construction begins
  • 884BL - Imperial Academy construction begins
  • 846BL - First appearance of the Bloodworm Comet
  • 706BL - Sorcery outlawed in the Empire
  • 655BL - All Admantia save High Hold falls to the Empire (High Hold never falls to the Empire)
  • 567BL - Insurrections arise throughout the Empire
  • 485BL - Elamiri becomes the Capital
  • 479BL - Throne City restored as Capital
  • 478BL - Trade sanctions placed on the Mountain Elves
  • 408BL - Bloodworm Comet reappears
  • 389BL - Trade sanctions lifted from the Mountain Elves
  • 208BL - Kin Strife Wars begin
  • 240BL - Throne City Abandoned
  • 239BL - Resistance War begins
  • 231BL - Resistance War ends
  • 230BL - Empire formally ends with the Five Provinces established

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Black Imperial battle armor trimmed in silver and goldImperial Imports (1)true
Black leather armband embroidered with seven golden starsTerald's Tenttrue
Bright watercolor paintingNorth Wind's SkimmerRiver DreamerTerald's Tenttrue
Empire brandyMilene's Rose Inntrue
Flowing imperial scholar's robe embroidered with a platinum starCelestial Garden Shoptrue
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