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Note -- This timeline covers the continent of Albaria, the landmass on Elanthia to the south of Kermoria (Kermoria being the continent where the Five Provinces are). Cloaked in a near-endless blanket of snow, Albaria's history has unfolded along a much different path than that of the north. Six races have occupied Albaria and shaped its being. They are the Albarian Races.

Note: The time in parentheses match the timeframes with solidly established Kermorian dates as closely as possible.

The Luethran First Age (~12000 - ~6000 BL)

I. The Luethran First Age covers the continent of Albaria from the creation of the Luethra race until the Second Age. The First Age is marked by Luethra construction of their nation, and the beginning of their domination over Albaria. Scholars have learned of some of the major events during this period, but for the most part, the First Age has given up few of its historical secrets.

N/A The Luethran Race is created; they begin their First Age
N/A The Luethras begin spreading out over Albaria, forming clans, at the direction of their gods
N/A The Luethran Storm Clan makes contact with the Elves in southern East Kermoria
N/A The Storm Clan constructs the city of Albabriddlaen in northern Albaria
N/A The leaders of the Luethran Clans gather at Albabriddlaen for a conference
N/A The Luethras unite, forming a singular nation known as Endia
N/A The Luethra Council elects the former leader of Storm Clan as Azhjam
N/A The Azhjam and the Council begin establishing a justice system for the continent
N/A The Gnomes appear in southwestern Albaria

The Luethran Second Age (~6000 - ~4000 BL)

N/A The Luethra civilization enters its Second Age, concentrating on trade and expansion
N/A The Luethras form an alliance with the Elven Two and their Children, beginning a trade relationship
N/A The Gnomes divide into six societies, spreading out along southern Albaria: Cip'uja, Tloticuc, Iyqaromos, Sruhos va Tlo'oe, Opirks, and Bosueq
N/A The Adamantian Dwarves, now enmeshed in a war with the Elves, interfere with Luethran and Elven trade via blockades
N/A The Luethras establish trade treaties with the Gnomes in order to alleviate the decline in Elven trade
N/A --The Sruhos va Tlo'oe break from the Endian-Gnomic Treaty over disagreements
--Trade between the Luethra and the Sruhos va Tlo'oe Gnomes ceases
N/A Luethra ships land on Pi'Qanah and Irasushen Islands, forming colonies
N/A --The High Priest of the Winds becomes the leader of the Shaerek
--The Shaerek receive the White Codex of laws
N/A The Cip'uja Gnomes officially become part of the Endian Nation, expanding Luethran territory
N/A The Cip'uja Gnomes establish the positions of King, and the Renz'par Council, basing the system off of the Luethran government
N/A Luethra ships settle on M'Riss Island, creating a settlement
N/A The Luethras reinitiate trade with the Elves via their island colonies
N/A The Luethran Azhjam meets with the second Shaerekian High Priest near the Great Falls
N/A The Luethras and the Shaerek form a trade relationship
N/A The Iyqaromos Gnomes break off from the Endian-Gnomic Treaty

The Luethran Third Age(~4000 - ~3000 BL)

N/A Luethra civilization enters its Third Age (Golden Age), undergoing a cultural revolution resulting in advances in the arts, magic, architecture, and engineering
N/A Construction begins on New Albabriddlaen as the new capital of the now vast Endian Nation, covering almost all of Albaria
N/A The Cip'uja Gnomes pass on their system of government to the Opirks and Bosueq Gnomes
N/A The Waterfall City Avaev is built at the Great Falls to commemorate and further trade with the Shaerek. Avaev becomes a center of the continent, populated by Luethra, Shaerek, and Gnomes
N/A The Cip'uja Gnomes send emissaries to the Tloticuc and Bosueq Gnomic tribes, hoping to convince them to join with the Luethra
N/A Luethran ship builders reveal a faster, more sleek ship design, greatly increasing the speed at which trade is conducted with the Elves and the colonies
N/A The Luethra make contact with the Nirejis, dwelling in the far west forests of Albaria
N/A --The Luethra Azhjam meets with leaders of the Nireji tribes
--A Nireji-Endian Treaty is signed, resulting in the Luethra designating a portion of Albarian land as Nirejian territory. The Luethra withdraw from that region
N/A A prominent Nireji village elder, Siyasartu Jelonci, travels to New Albabridlaen to study with the Luethra
N/A Siyasartu becomes a master builder, and opens a school in Avaev
N/A A number of Nirejis migrate to Avaev to study building under Siyasartu. Avaev becomes even more central to Albaria, now serving as a crossroads between four races
N/A The Lakixeq Gorbesh tribe battles with the Beuven tribe
N/A Luethran engineers begin construction on an a series of aqueducts to supply the cities with water from the mountains
N/A Gnomic inventors reveal their latest discovery -- light gems
N/A Several Luethran Mages attempt an instantaneous trip from Avaev to New Albabriddlaen with the aid of newly researched magic, the trip is considered a success, despite the loss of several of the mages during transit
N/A The aqueduct connecting New Albabriddlaen and Avaev is completed, bringing fresh water to the inhabitants of the city
N/A Luethran Mages once again attempt an instantaneous trip from Avaev to New Albabriddlaen; this time no one is lost in the transit, it is proclaimed a great achievement
N/A Construction begins on a Celestial Temple
N/A The Celestial Temple is completed and it becomes the center of scholarly learning within the Endian Nation
N/A Giblor, a Gnomic astrologer uses a small wooden tube and glass lenses to study the stars; he calls his invention the telescope -- it revolutionizes the field of Luethran Astrology
N/A Azhjam Osaen Rasman dies of an unknown withering sickness

The Luethran Fourth Age (~3000 - 1385 BL)

N/A Luethra civilization enters its Fourth Age
N/A An illness, later called the Rasman Plague, begins sweeping through the Endian Nation
N/A The Luethras begin suffering massive deaths due to the Rasman Plague
N/A The Ocular appear in southwestern Albaria
N/A Death counts rising, the Endian Nation calls upon aid from the Elves and Dwarves, still the dominant races in Kermoria
N/A Unable to stop the spread of the plague through their people, the Luethras abandon their colonies on Pi'Qanah and Irasushen Islands. The M'Riss Colony remains intact
N/A The Ilat Gorbesh tribe joins with the Beuven to route the Lakixeq during battle
N/A The Rasman Sect is created by Nuar Deiva
N/A The Rasman Sect begins preaching the worship and veneration of death
N/A The Rasman Plague seemingly vanishes from the Luethras
N/A --Claiming the remission is a result of their actions, the Rasman Sect makes a grab for power
-- A political struggle begins between the Azhjam and the Rasman Sect
N/A The plague flares up again -- more Luethras begin succumbing
N/A The Rasman Sect achieves power in the Endian Nation
N/A Construction begins on the City of the Dead
N/A Contact between the Endian Nation and the Elves and Dwarves begins slowing
N/A --Construction of the City of the Dead is completed
--The Bosueq, Opirks, and Cip'uja Gnomes are placed under restrictions
N/A --The Luethra seal off their borders
--The Luthran colonists on M'Riss Island are abandoned
N/A The Royalist Faction rises up in Endia, seeking a return to the old way of life
N/A --The Royalists gain influence in New Albabriddlaen, the former royal capital
--The Opirks and Bosueq Gnomes distance themselves from Endia
N/A The Royalists and the Sect have a few skirmishes outside New Albabriddlaen -- it is the first time Luethra has killed Luethra since the early Second Age
N/A --The Luethra Civil War begins
--The Cip'uja Gnomes side with the Royalist faction
N/A The Ocular begin gathering their strength
N/A --The Waterfall City, Avaev, is almost entirely destroyed during the war. A combined force of Nirejian, Gnomic, and Shaerekian fighters manage to repel Luethran invaders
--The Royalists gain the upper hand in the fighting against the Sect
N/A The Ocular attack the Sruhos va Tlo'oe Gnomes
N/A The Rasman Sect follows retreat to the City of the Dead
N/A --The Royalists' new Azhjam is assassinated
--The Azhjam's son takes control of the Royalists
N/A The Royalists seal off the City of the Dead, trapping the Sect followers within it
N/A The Sruhos va Tlo'oe are completely slaughtered by the Ocular
N/A The Royalists create a new Endian Nation, without the Council -- even though much of their land is in ruins and most of their people are dead
N/A Xin'Alaudas is born to one of the Gorbesh tribes
N/A A two year old Xin'Alaudas is placed of a raft and set adrift in the Lakiidas Sea
N/A --Xin'Alaudas returns to the Albarian mainland in a massive ship. He is the sole occupant
--The Gorbesh prophets claim Xin'Alaudas is a hero, fulfilling ancient prophecies
N/A The Hero Xin'Alaudas takes control of the Lakixeq Gorbesh with the support of the Prophets
N/A --The Beuven and Ilat tribes are unified under Xin'Alaudas
--With the three major tribes joined, all but one of the remaining tribes submits to Xin'Alaudas
N/A The Gorbesh, dwelling in the forests of central-eastern Albaria, begin constructing cities
N/A --Leaders of the Gorbesh meet with the leaders of the Iyqaromos Gnomes in the Gorbesh city Eimitek, resulting in the signing of a new treaty
--The Iyqaromos Gnomes migrate to the Gorbesh cities, integrating themselves into its society; the Iyqaromos land becomes Gorbesh land
N/A The Gorbesh begin expanding their territory
N/A The Luethras and Gorbesh have a few minor skirmishes
N/A The Luethra-Gorbesh War begins
N/A --The Gorbesh and Luethra battle near New Albbabridlaen
--The Azhjam is slain by Xin'Alaudas while attempting to flee the field
--New Albbabridlaen falls to the Gorbesh
1385 BL Last remnants of Endian Nation are defeated by the Gorbesh

About the Albarian Timeline

Here, employing a style similar to his timeline of Kermoria, GM Cadaya describes the long history of the Albarian continent. It is of particular interest for those who wish to learn more about the Gorbesh and their interactions with the other peoples of the continent, including the Gnomes, Sharek, and Ocular. It is particularly useful in understanding the conditions which led to the Gorbesh War.

Here on Elanthipedia, this timeline has been broken into two parts: Albarian Timeline and Albarian Timeline (Gorbesh Imperial Age). The Elanthipedia also has other Timelines available.

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