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These recipes are to be used in conjunction with an animal skeleton.


After activating your skeleton, you may FEED it up to four items and then activate it by RUBbing it. Feeding your skeleton the appropriate items may result in a produced item or effect, the discovered recipes for which are listed further below. Not all items can be fed to the skeleton, and it seems to crush some of them at random. Physical size of the items seem to play a part in what it will eat (ie light edge/blunt weapons but not larger).

  • Bonuses from the skeleton are self-cast only [1]
  • Cool-down time seems to be one RL hour. The timer does not clear when you are logged out.
  • Stat bonuses last 30 minutes.

Solving the Recipes

There are 106 recipes as of Nov 16th. (55/105 found) Confirmed: SGM Lyneya
Click here to see failed attempts.
Click here to see what items the skeleton will and will not eat.

There seems to be an issue with the LX/HX formulas. Specifically HX isn't working (likely the LX formula is suppose to be the HX formula.)

Skillset Bonus Recipes

Armor Skillset Bonuses

Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Shield Usage skill shield gem gem
Light Armor skill skin skin gem
Chain Armor skill chain chain gem
Brigandine Armor skill helm helm metal gem
Plate Armor skill plate plate gem
plate plate metal gem
Light Armor skill cloth cloth gem
bone bone gem
Defending skill shield shield LB LE

Lore Skillset Bonuses

Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Scholarship skill paper paper stylus stylus
charcoal ear stick
Performance skill string ale stick
bone bone bone
strings rope wood
wood wood pipe
drink drink drink drink
Empathy skill herb bracelet dust bunny herb
Astrology skill burin tusk
Mechanical Lore skill grass vine rock pestle
Appraisal skill glass glass glass
Tactics skill skin skin grass

Magic Skillset Bonuses

Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Primary Magic skill gem runestone paper
Attunement skill gem runestone pouch
Utility skill gem runestone glass
Augmentation skill runestone runestone ring
Targeted Magic skill runestone gem arrow

Survival Skillset Bonuses

Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Evasion skill herb herb food drink
rope rope LE LE
Athletics skill rope rope rope
fish fish fish fish
Perception skill glass glass
Outdoorsmanship skill paper herb dirt wood
dirt rock wood grass
Stealth skill cloak gem dagger
Locksmithing skill lockpick lockpick lockpick box
dirt rock wood box
Thievery skill cloak dagger
gloves gloves cloak dagger
First Aid skill bandages bandages LE
Skinning skill skin skin LE

Weapon Skillset Bonuses

Note: LE refers to a Light Edged weapon, and LB to a Light Blunt weapon.

Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Small Edged skill LE gem gem
LE LE gem
Large Edged skill LE LE LE
Twohanded Edged skill LE LE LE LE
Small Blunt skill LB gem gem
LB LB gem
Large Blunt skill LB LB LB gem
Twohanded Blunt skill LB LB LB LB
Slings skill skin skin rock rock
skin wood rock rock
Bows skill wood wood rope
wood wood rope rope
wood wood wood rope
Crossbow skill wood wood LE rope
wood LE LE LB
Staves skill wood wood LB
wood wood wood LB
Polearms skill wood wood wood LE
wood wood LE LE
Light Thrown skill LE LE
Heavy Thrown skill LE LE LE
Brawling skill wood rock boots
Offhand Weapon skill LE LB
Parry Ability skill wood wood gem

Other Recipes

Stat Bonuses

Stat Bonuses range from +2 to +6 for each stat bonus recipe discovered so far. From Hanryu's forge testing, it seems the strength bonus is either +2 or +3 per feeding.
Note - The crystal minds do NOT need to be completed (with the 1 hour psyche cool down.)

Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Strength rock metal metal wood
Agility rope LE grass
Discipline wood runestone sage
a smooth blue crystal a jagged blue shard a jagged blue shard
Wisdom paper stylus rock rock
a smooth red crystal a jagged red shard a jagged red shard
Intelligence spectacles spectacles gem
a smooth black crystal a jagged black shard a jagged black shard
Reflex rope rope wood arrow
Charisma mirror gem hairbrush
Stamina rock rock wood dirt

Other Recipes

  • For italicized ingredients, just match that word. For example, bread could use slice of crusty rye bread or hearty loaf of bread or any of the other numerous items that can be found with the noun being bread.
  • In 2018, GM Helje acknowledged that not all foraged items are working properly with the skeletons. See the confirmation notes below on specific foraged items.
Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Notes
Health Regen lavender lavender lavender lavender As you rub a <type> skeleton, the skeleton seems to briefly take on wounds, and you feel healthier

(2018) foraged lavender is working properly

Leather Gloves leather skin leather skin (2018) doesn't work with a <creature> skin (ex. crocodile skin), or with leather from the Outfitting Society (ex. rat-pelt leather)
bundling rope vine vine vine (2018) foraged vines are working properly
torch stick stick cloth oil (2018) not working with metal mixing stick or split-reed mixing stick (pre-conversion) & chamois cloth

Skeleton not accepting foraged sticks.

mottled gem pouch skin skin gem gem (2018) used crocodile skin x2, a chrysoberyl & an alexandrite, also worked with rat-pelt leather (Outfitting Society material) & 2 gems
slim lockpick metal locked box
ordinary lockpick metal metal locked box
stout lockpick metal metal metal locked box
Bomb naphtha charcoal (2018) this item is not creating; also tried with each combination of the 2 ingredients
Charm Creation bar, nugget or coin gem tested in 2018 with 3 gems (below), presumption is that all charms will come out a spiral <gemstone> charm
nugget agate resulted in a spiral agate charm
nugget moonstone resulted in a spiral moonstone charm
nugget pearl resulted in a spiral pearl charm
hard apple cider apple apple ale (2018) foraged apples not working
apple juice water apple apple (2018) neither purchased or foraged apples working
lemonade water lemon lemon (2018) neither purchased or foraged lemons are working
orange juice water orange orange (2018) purchased oranges not working
miniature apple pie apple apple bread bread (2018) foraged apples not working
miniature cherry pie cherry cherry bread bread
miniature chocolate cream pie chocolate chocolate bread bread
miniature cream pie milk milk bread bread
miniature lemon cream pie lemon lemon bread bread (2018) foraged lemons not working
almond butter almond almond sugar sugar (2018) foraged almonds not working
almond-butter sandwich almond butter bread (2018) butter from crushed foraged almonds not working
fried rinds skin naphtha oil type of skin doesn't matter, used both crocodile skin and grey troll skin (rock troll) for testing, with the same results
casserole food food food water
meat pie meat meat bread bread
fish pie fish fish bread bread (2018) not working with dish of piquant pepper fish
ritual bread holy water bread Must be cleric
Fire in the Face pepper drink used ale for the drink:
You rub your <type> skeleton and it begins to shudder slightly. As you rub a <type> skeleton, the tiny jaw opens wide to belch a blazing arc of fire at you! You manage to avoid having your face charbroiled by lifting your head away, but your throat is nevertheless not in good condition.
An acrid stench fills the area.

Was left with a severe external neck bleeder (You have a shattered neck with gaping wounds.)

Still Undiscovered

Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient Ingredient
Fatigue Regen
Mana Regen
Shard of translucent crystal